Recent Tasty Bites: Summer Edition

Now it’s time to look at a few super tasty dishes around town:

pix 001-001 Rose Rose at The Smith

A cocktail so delicious that it would stand toe-to-toe with any libation at a high end bar, let alone a restaurant. Rose Lillet, prosecco, fresh strawberries, and muddled basil make for a sweet, verdant, effervescent drink. It’s not overly sugary, but rather, sweet with the strawberries. Teh basil prevents it form being dessert like, and the glass it is served in just adds an elegant touch. It’s fabulous with dinner but equally tasty as a stand alone drink. 

pix 019-001 Ice cream sandwich at Jacques Torres

The best reason to love summer since swimming pools. Two of Jacques famous chocolate chip cookies sandwich fresh ice cream or sorbet. The coconut ice cream is especially decadent – rich and heady with a strong vanilla-coconut taste. It is creamy and squidges out of the edges of those awesome cookies – large and flat, with huge hunks of deep semi-sweet chocolate. Be aware that you will need some strong teeth to get through this sandwich since it’s rather large and the cookies harder vs. softer. But the payoff is worth it!

pix 039 Tuna Tartare at Cafe Tallulah

That’s right UWS, keep on getting hotter! Cafe Tallulah is a swanky brasserie-style restaurant that manages to be hip in the evening, relaxed in the afternoon, and tasty at all times of day. It’s the perfect spot for a happy hour cocktail and one dollar oyster (every night till 8 pm), brunch with a few friends, or dinner on date night. Sup on classic French fare as as well as fusion dishes. The tuna tartare is a recent favorite. Fresh tuna, tender and lean, served atop cilantro-flecked avocado puree with baby vegetables and spicy aioli alongside. It’s light and vibrant, with fresh ingredients and a fair price tag. I could eat this as a light main dish and it makes a great shared appetizer as well. With places like this, the west village should worry…the uptown restaurant scene is catching up!

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  1. Those ice cream sandwiches were insane. LOVED the salted caramel.