Baked Figs, Greek Rice, and Mexican Corn: The “So Close” Files

I try to be a good blogger. 

I tell you about my favorite restaurants.

I do giveaways of awesome cheese and chocolate.

I even take one for the team and eat copious amounts of fat and salt(tough job but somebody has to do it).

However, every now and then I really mess up.

Like when I cook truly fabulous dishes, photographing every step of the process…and neglect to take a beauty shot of the final product.

I mean, what’s a blog without a beauty shot?

It’s like Honey Boo Boo without Go-Go Juice. 

There are some dishes that I really wish I had properly photographed.

pix 065 Like these  baked figs.

Figs are great right now and they are going to get even better later in the month. If you cut them in a cross pattern not ALL of the way through, but just until they sort of open like a blossom, you can then bake them at 350F for 20 minutes. When they start to leach a sweet, sticky syrup and are very soft to the touch, they are done. Serve them immediately with sweetened, slightly thickened (or totally whipped) cream, and they will be the hit of the night. Sweet, creamy, warm, and cool. I made this at a dinner party, and my guests were shocked at how quickly dessert came together and how delicious it was. Something this seasonal should have been blogged.

pix 044 Like this loaded Greek rice.

It’s just plain old converted rice with sauteed onions, garlic, and zucchini mixed with some rice, dill, lemon zest, and feta cheese. However, did you ever wonder what makes the rice at Chipotle so delicious? Here’s a hint: it isn’t the cilantro. It’s oil. So, by adding the cooked rice directly to the veggie sautee pan, the rice gets a slight sheen of oil that totally transforms this dish. It is lush, bright, and so satisfying. Something this satisfying should have been blogged.

pix 011 Like this Mexican style corn.

Sure I mostly just followed this recipe, but I used chipotles in adobo instead of dried chipotle powder, fat free Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, and added cumin and pulverized jalapenos. I slathered in on freshly steamed corn cobs and whoa…it was incredible. Sweet, rich, salty, spicy…it actually lived up to my hopes. Something this tasty should have been blogged. 

Yes, these should all have been blogged. There is no excuse – I was just hungry or tired or there was a Real Housewives reunion on tv and I got distracted.

I promise to do better in the future.

*If anyone is interested in the detailed recipes for these dishes, please leave a comment and I’ll happily post them!*


  1. Ttrockwood says:

    I adore baked figs! Last time i made them i crammed an almond in the middle and drizzled with a basalmic glaze ontop of full fat greek yogurt.
    I would love more details on the corn- did you slather while it is still hot? Doesn’t it slide off? And somehow i add too much or not enough cumin…. Is it weird if i use cilantro with the cumin? I love the version from cafe habana but three bites in the mayo grosses me out….. Ugh

    • Um the balsamic glaze sounds…ridiculous!

      I will post the corn recipe this week! And I DID slather it while it wsa hot but it was not hot! And…quick confession…I used full fat yogurt to cut the mayo taste!!

      • Ttrockwood says:

        Yay! I already have the yogurt! I’m going to cali soon and there is a bbq and tons of fresh corn waiting for me…..
        The basalmic glaze is the easiest un-recipe ever. Start with a bottle that’s decent, but not the $20 and up stuff, not the white basalmic. Dump in a saucepan and let it simmer (not boil!) for a looonnnggggg time. Be sure the windows are open and don’t lean over it and inhale (insane coughing will follow!). Once it’s about a third or so the original volume it will get thicker. I add lots of fresh pepper and keep in a squeezy bottle in the fridge. It’s delicious on um, everything, and keeps forever. I mix it with yogurt and pretend i made salad dressing 🙂

        • Years ago Bobby Flay did a thing about balsamic glaze – take that glaze and mix in chili powder. Coat salmon with it and grill (or broil) – to die for!

  2. the rice recipe too please!