Eating in Amsterdam

Well, I’ve just been stuffing my face with the most delicious foods. Like what, you may ask?

amsterdam day 2 015 How about raw beef sausage? Not smoked, not cured, just raw sausage. Like steak tartare but with a very peppery kick.

amsterdam day 2 031 Oh, and a few frites with – what else? – rich, eggy mayonnaise.

amsterdam day 2 035 Like this Smurfden ice cream. Yes, it’s really called that. Yes, this is a real language. And no, no Smurfs were harmed in the making of this dessert. It’s bubblegum meets cotton candy – sugar overload for me.

amsterdam day 2 132 Like this Indonesian feast of 22 tiny dishes that arrive at your table, sit on burners, and slowly fill you from mild to spicy with fragrant, familiar yet totally new flavors.

The only question now is…what pants will fit me tomorrow?