Febo – Amsterdam’s Automat

Amsterdam isn’t all hoity toity sausage and world class fries.

Some of the stuff there is just quick grub that the locals eat. It’s as familiar as McDonald’s but to me, it’s like a gastronomic sociological study.

Yeah, I use big words when I discuss fast food. 

amsterdam day 3 017 Febo is an automat – you know, an inexpensive eatery filled with those automated windows that dispense food when you drop a coin in the slot.

amsterdam day 3 018 It’s a very casual affair – we saw kids coming in after school, adults looking for a late night drunk snack, and then a couple of tourists, like us. Don’t expect to be able to sit down to eat – it’s strictly stand and scarf.

amsterdam day 3 020 There is a plethora of items including many different kinds of croquettes, a hamburger, and French fries (at the cash register, not the automat windows), but if you are smart, you will go for the specialburger.

amsterdam day 3 021 This specialburger is one of a kind. A loosely packed meat patty with beef and pork, fried in a thick crust and served on a standard bun with zesty sauce. It’s fried and crunchy and soft and greasy – the way that all fast food burgers are. The main difference here, besides its croquette form, is that really zesty sauce. It’s peppery, garlicky, and tangy – almost like something you would pay good money for on the side of poached salmon in a sit down restaurant.

amsterdam day 3 022 Fried satee, anyone?

amsterdam day 3 023 A big ole log of fried Thai style bbq beef and peanut sauce.
amsterdam day 3 024 Not the most nuanced Asian food I have ever eaten, but nicely spiced with ginger and coriander and served at a perfect temperature.

Febo locations are all over Amsterdam and I highly recommend you go. It’s cheap, it’s tasty, and its really where the locals go!

Because after all the canals and the Van Gogh museum and the tulips…

You really need to trash it up with some fast food.