Macarons, Pizza, and the World’s Best Carrot Cake

Wanna know what I ate on my birthday?

Well, take a look…

pix 003 Laduree macarons

Of course I started my day off with dessert. Wouldn’t you? These macarons aren’t  quite as light and flavorful as those in Paris, but they are a damned good substitute. When they arrive in their mint green and gold box, I already feel like I am in heaven. The flavors are pure and classic – dark chocolate, sweet salted caramel, and – my favorite – nutty pistachio ganache sandwiched between intensely flavored crispy cookies. This one, an orange blossom macaron, is the perfect balance between bright and sweet. It is so rich that just one will tide you over for at least…10 minutes. Then you might need another.

pix 007 Pizza at Rigoletto

This was a spur-of-the-moment decision which just proved that I should always go with my first instinct. This was…exemplary. My Gardena slice was crispy on the bottom, but not cracker thin, so it had a nice chew and a puffy crust at the edge. It is topped with oregano-heavy tomato sauce and layered with tomatoes and fresh spinach. Those little red blobs you see on the slice is the homemade red chimichurri sauce. You are supposed to eat it with the empanadas, but go over to the silver vats and spoon some on your ‘za. Garlicky, oily, and spicy enough to make your lips tingle but not enough to make you sweat. This slice is large enough for a light lunch, and I don’t often say that. I can’t wait to order from Rigoletto again soon.
pix 014 Carrot cake from Martha’s Country Bakery

Queens, you never disappoint. How can one small borough have so many fabulous eateries? Martha’s makes some of my favorite cakes. Deep chocolate cakes with mousse layers and milk chocolate shavings. Airy strawberry shortcake with juicy strawberry jelly and decadent whipped cream. And this…perhaps my favorite. The carrot cake is dense and very moist with crunchy black walnuts, nutmeg, and small enough carrot shreds so that they don’t get stuck in your teeth – a major pet peeve of mine. And the frosting…layers and layers of thick, sweet, tangy cream cheese frosting. I could eat that frosting plain. I have eaten it plain. And I have almost finished this entire cake.

By myself.

Already dreaming of my birthday eats for next year!

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  1. Ttrockwood says:

    No champagne?!?
    Looks like a delicious day, those pistachio macarons take my breath away. I hope you had cake for breakfast the next morning 🙂