Paris Must Eats

There are a few things that I have to do in Paris.

Yes, they all revolve around food.

Yes, I am at this point using a rubber band to close the button on my jeans.

What’s your point?

france day 1 and 2 021 I must go to Pierre Herme and get my favorite dessert on the planet.
france day 1 and 2 040 I must eat a crepe that is crispy on the edges, tender in the middle, and totally smothered with nutty, chocolaty Nutella. Ice cream optional but highly recommended.

france day 1 and 2 055 I absolutely MUST go to Angelina for what is the best hot chocolate…period. No one ever disagrees with this. It’s like saying Einstein was. smart. It’s not opinion. It’s just fact. It’s so rich it comes with a side of powdered sugar in case you need to dilute all of that super rich creamy milk.

france day 1 and 2 063 And, of course, I visit Maille. Because I don’t turn my back on old friends.

Next week, some in depth reviews on the best eats of my trip!


  1. Ttrockwood says:

    Awesome. Super awesome.
    Years ago i went to the maille store, spent too many euros and proceeded to put my magical mustards on anything that went into my mouth….. 🙂

    • Me too!!! Just today, I mixed some provencal maille with mayo and made the world’s best sandwich spread!