The Best Fries in the World – Vleminckx

I am back from Amsterdam and I am here to spread the gospel, my foodie friends.

The gospel of fries.

Because I have eaten the world’s most perfect French fry. 

There is no way to top it – trust me, I have tried.

There is no way to improve upon it.

And there is nowhere to get it besides Amsterdam.

amsterdam day 3 025 The  Friethuis Vlemincx has been around since 1957 serving frites (fries) and nothing but frites. Except, of course, for the dozens of dipping sauces that accompany the fries.

Just don’t ask for the sauces on the side. They don’t do that here.

amsterdam day 3 026 When we went, there was a VERY short line, but the crowds can mean an hour or so of waiting.

Suck it up, grab a beer, and wait. It is worth it.

amsterdam day 3 027 This place literally defines “hole in the wall.” It’s down a small, quaint alleyway and is a simple storefront. No seats – no inside, even – just a window, a menu board, and you.

amsterdam day 3 028 And these. Piles of freshly peeled potatoes are right in the window, systematically being cut and fried to golden perfection before being lightly salted, tipped into a leak-proof paper cone (don’t know how they do it), and slathered with the sauce(s) of your choice.

amsterdam day 3 029 Frites

These frites are…magnificent. Impossibly light. Crunchy but not hard. Fluffy, airy, and incredibly earthy. Not one limp nor burnt. Barely salted so the pure, buttery potato taste shines through. Addictive in every sense of the word – meaning you can’t stop, you think about it when you aren’t with it, and using it just makes you want more of it. There is no way to make the right choice with sauces  there are too many and they are all too delicious. However, the ultra-rich mayonnaise and the zesty German style curry sauce are good places to start.
amsterdam day 3 032 There are many other fries in the world, but there are none that can even kiss these fries’ boots. These are the pinnacle of midnight munchies, the Prada gown that every burger wants to wear.

I only regret not going back for more. 


  1. Manneken Pis Vlaamse Frites is considered the best one in Amsterdam. It’s voted one of the best ones in the world too (number 8 or 9, I think). Check out their logo…


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