Where in the World is Carmen Fritos Foie Gras?

What have I been up to the past few days? Well, let’s take a look, shall we?

first 2 days trip 057 I have eaten a croissant sandwich that looks positively frightening but makes an incredible midnight-early afternoon snack.
first 2 days trip 012 I drank one plastic glass of champagne and grew positively tipsy.

first 2 days trip 006 I packed carry on luggage so thoroughly that it looked more pregnant than the Octomom. And that was using those space saver bags that vacuum all of the air out of your clothes.

first 2 days trip 083 I have a bedroom that is beautiful and looks at picturesque canals…
first 2 days trip 065 And my bathroom last night had a tv in the mirror. 

A tv. In. The mirror. 

Guess I’m on vacay! Look forward to mostly pictoral reviews this week with nice, long, juicy gossip about where to eat in Amsterdam and Paris in weeks to come!