Breakfast at The Grand in Amsterdam

A lot of people don’t eat breakfast in the hotel on vacation.

They think it’s expensive – they are right.

They think it’s going to take away some of their appetit for lunch – they are right.

They think they won’t  get their money or stomach space’s worth – they are USUALLY right.

However, when it comes to Bridges in The Grand hotel in Amsterdam…yeah, you get your time and calories’ worth.

amsterdam day 2 066 The moment that you walk into the large, modern space, you are greeted with displays of fruit and vegetables in tiny glasses. Not the normal under ripe melons here. No, instead you will have to make do with half globes of tart passion fruit, cubes of freshly cut pineapple, and salads made of the sweetest gem lettuce known to man. The creamy vinaigrette for the salad is especially addictive.  amsterdam day 2 067

Don’t miss the cheese board – the Dutch DO, after all, love their cheese! Everything from hard, nutty gouda to logs of creamy, rich,  boucheron are on offer. Help yourself to a fresh baguette while you’re at it.  amsterdam day 2 068 Who knew that Holland was so filled with carnivores? The meat trays are sights to behold – row after row of prosciutto, ham, bresaola, and velvety smoked salmon. Way in the back you can see trays of yet more cheese – don’t miss the cumin flecked one. It’s a favorite in Amsterdam and was on many lunchtime sandwiches. It’s smoky and savory – a huge flavor punch in a Swiss cheese-like package. I can’t recommend it enough!
amsterdam day 2 071 Hello, pastries. If you just want toast, don’t worry – the buffet also has little sprinkles. That’s right, Dutch kids grow up eating buttered bread covered in sprinkles each morning.

Lucky little Dutch kids.
amsterdam day 2 075 Orange juice is something that I don’t usually consume in the morning.  Just because come on…why would I spend the time and calories to squeeze myself a fresh glass of orange juice? Oh, because it tastes like the first cloudless day after a long winter…that’s right.  amsterdam day 2 076 The champagne is the good stuff – tight bubbles with a clean, mineral-y taste – but I wouldn’t get it again. I can’t help it – it makes me way too tipsy so early in the morning.

IMG_20130820_084306 With your breakfast buffet, you get the choice of a cooked item. You can get an omelette or pancakes, but don’t be a chump. Go for the soft boiled eggs. And eat them a la Londoner.

And don’t forget to take your Lipitor. 

IMG_20130820_084825_648 If you need a little something virtuous, ask for a fresh juice at the smoothie station. If nothing you like is in the glasses in front of you, the incredibly accommodating staff will make you whatever your heart desires – like, for example – a virgin raspberry mojito over crushed ice.

This isn’t a cheap breakfast but it is so luxurious and enjoyable that you will get your fill and be able to feel full right through lunch. And that makes it reasonable, right?  The surroundings are lovely, the staff is excellent, and the food is so delicious.

I think I have to start checking out more hotel breakfasts!

I was offered breakfast at a media rate. I was not required to write about my experiences, and all of my opinions are my own and unbiased.