Da Rosa Cantine – Spanish Tapas in the City of Light

Foodie cannot live on foie gras and steak tartare alone.

Sometimes, she needs a little fatty fat fat cheese to round things out.

If you feel the need for a few raw vegetables in your life, head to Da Rosa Cantine.

end of trip 041

This Spanish tapas restaurant has a menu the length of the phone book (do they even HAVE phone books anymore?) and a laid back atmosphere. It is chic but not insanely pricey, by Parisian standards, and the service is downright friendly!

end of trip 040 Part bordello, part cafe, this is somewhere that I imagine fashion models coming to sip champagne and eat air. But that’s their mistakes…because the food is wonderful.  end of trip 042 Foie Gras pate de campagne

If you should happen to order this by mistake and think that it looks like cat food, just shut up and try a bite. You will be surprised  at how well the delicate taste of the foie and the more earthy taste of the pork liver meld;. The hints of sage and sharp black pepper bring out the woodsy, robust flavor. Spread on toast with an incendiary green pickled pepper, it has a coarse texture and a fatty, meaty mouth feel. Yes, okay, it does SLIGHLTY resemble the texture of cat food, but it doesn’t’ taste like that at all. end of trip 043 Sardines

These were the most meh of the appetizers ordered. Not for the faint of heart, these come with the guts intact. They don’t taste bad, but they do mean that the sardines have a slightly mineral-y, verging on muddy taste. Wait that sounded bad. What I meant was that the muddy taste is easily covered up by a heavy dose of lemon juice and a bit of the mustard-infused butter. end of trip 044 Pan con tomate

Yes yuh yes yes yes. Yes. Oh yes.

Peeled tomatoes chopped finely and served on garlic rubbed toast with a leaf of basil so sweet it might as well be soaked in sugar. This is filling but not heavy and it’s a very welcome dose of veggies after a week of organ meat.  Literally awesome.

end of trip 045 This side salad is also pretty awesome. It comes with most dishes and it’s just so good. Crisp romaine hearts drenched in a balsamic vinaigrette that was so acidic that it cut straight through all of the meat and olive oil of the other courses. It was the perfect accompaniment for… end of trip 046 Burrata

The Kate Middleton of cheeses – beautiful, humble, and insanely rich. This is just fabulous – a taut, pleasantly firm skin surrounding creamy, thick, rich cream. It’s drizzled with a fruity olive oil and served with pepper, salt, and a few juicy kalamata olives. Pair some of this soft, milky cheese with a piece of toast and a salty olive and wow…it’s just perfection.

Da Rosa is highly recommended. The service is excellent, extremely for Paris, the prices are fair, and the food is delicious. I would love to go back and even try a few more dishes!

Because if one thing can tear me away from steak tartare…it’s a big ole hunk of burrata.

And if one restaurant can get me to forsake escargot and