Good Idea, Bad Idea

Good idea:

IMG_20130915_143620_958 The small charcuterie plate at Bar Boulud. This highly priced plate of charcuterie is actually worth its rather dear price tag. The meats can vary, but on this day the plate included a savory beef cheek terrine,  mild rabbit terrine, salty saucisson sec, a few slices of mild jambon de Paris and – my favorite – a smooth pork and foie gras mousse that is rich and airy. Served with a traditional gelatin layer, it is delightful when spread on warm toast. This isn’t a large pate but it’s very satisfying. The accompanying pickles and vegetables are tart and light in contrast to the rich meats. This is a fantastic hearty appetizer for two or light nibble for four.

Bad idea:

IMG_20130828_185401_458-2 Grinding London broil to make burgers.

Remember how you have to cook and slice this very carefully so it isn’t tough as all get out? Well, guess what happens when you grind it? That’s right, you get tiny, medium rare hockey pucks that have no connective tissue to hold them together. Sandy little rocks…what a waste of great meat! From now on, I will grind sirloin or buy my meat already chopped.

Good idea:


Gazpacho at Match 65

This adorable UES bistro has as much personality and class as a snazzy Keith McNally joint, but none of the buzz. Maybe it’s the octogenarian crowd or maybe it’s the Lexington Avenue location, but whatever it is, I will tak it! Reasonably priced with an adorable bistro atmosphere and delicious steak and moules frites. If the gazpacho is still on the menu, it’s definitely worth a try. Light and thick at the same time, loaded with the taste of sun ripened tomatoes, sweet summer corn and buttery avocados. It’s the perfect lunch with some of their excellent baguette.

Bad idea: IMG_20130902_080041_094-2  They’re baaaack….