L’Shana Tovah and Foodie Resolutions

As of last week, it is the Jewish New Year!

L’Shana Tovah, everyone!

As such, I think it’s time for a list of resolutions.

Here is my lofty list of goals for the next year.

1. Fewer crappy carbs

I love bread. Rice is my go-to. And if you ever take away potatoes, you better run. Fast. But the truth is, I waste valuable stomach space and calories on sub par products. Why would I get cheapo supermarket bread when I can get some artisanal bread for just a little bit more? Why would I spend money on salty fried rice when I can make it cheaper and better on my own? And why would I eat McDonald’s fries when…wait, scratch that. McDonald’s fries really are great. I’m just going to be a little more careful with how I choose to allot my carbohydrates.

and on that note…

baking bread

2. Baking Bread

I know. I know. This whole year was supposed to be the season of yeast and that failed miserably. But this winter I am GOING to master bread if it’s the LAST THING I DO…and at this rate, it really might be! But really, I want to learn how to make my own bread. It’s the one thing that I really have never mastered (besides patience and playing softball), and it is a personal goal of mine to eat a hunk of warm bread that I myself have baked.

3. Playing with my kitchen tools more

I have a lot of cool kitchen stuff – so why don’t’ I use them more!? I should be making more ice cream! I should be mandolin-ing potatoes for homemade chips! I should be using the pasta maker that I got in August to make my own pappardelle and bucatini! I need to stop using the same dried and prepackaged stuf I have used forever! I think that you all will think it is interesting and I will certainly enjoy feeling more accomplished.

4. Take better pictures

Because I don’t just want your stomach to grumble when you read the recipes, I want you to drool when you see the very first photograph. Boom.

5. Eat more Turkish food

I have simply become addicted. Expect to see manti, kebabs, cacik, anda whole lot more Turkish food here!

I know that all of you have some foodie resolutions you want to make soon. Share them here!


  1. Have you ever tried the overnight no knead bread? Its really easy and crazy good-this is the recipe that started it all :

    My resolution for this winter is no more crappy soup!!! I make amazing soup, so i will make tons and freeze emergency supplies. Hale and hearty is dead to me!