Luce’s Italian Fare Delivers

I wrote about Luce awhile ago, but thought that it deserved its own full write up.

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You already know that the restaurant is large and casual, nice enough for dinner but relaxed enough for a family brunch – just a great neighborhood spot. And I told you about the addictive sundried spread. How about the rest of the food?


Casear salad

Serviceable. No more, no less. Fresh veggies, a big serving, and some really soft, wonderfully salty but not bitter anchovies.

However, the dressing is bland. Like – really, truly, crazily bland. It doesn’t even taste overly gloppy or mayonnaise-y. It just tastes…like water.

I was craving some lettuce. And I got it.

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Endive, fennel, mushrooms, artichokes and hearts of palm salad with shaved Parmesan

If I loved this salad any more, I would actually have to marry it.

It’s so simple and at the same time, interesting. Bitter endive, meaty hearts of palm, creamy artichokes, crunchy fennel, and delicate, woodsy mushrooms in a light, acidic dressing. The Parmesan is thickly shaved and adds a necessary hit of salt to the dish. If you are a salad lover, you are totally going to love this. You get something different in each bite and the ingredients all work together instead of competing withe one another.

IMG_20130929_150509_785 Mussels

Perfect. Each mussel arrives open and sweet, juicy, and soft. I have rarely had a bowl of mussels where literally every single one is open. This is a spicy, garlicky, overtly tomatoey sauce – just the kind I like. It’s filling but not greasy or overly salty. It’s just super satisfying with a slice of the accompanying bread. It’s listed as an appetizer but it’s really an ideal main dish.  IMG_20130929_150519_251 Parmesan chicken with lemon, peas, and artichokes

This disappeared so quickly that I didn’t’ even get a taste. Guess it was good, then?

Luce is a really great neighborhood spot. It’s reasonably priced, never too crowded, and the staff is prompt. Best of all, the food is really tasty.

Tasty enough to deserve a post of its own.


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