Bareburger – Forget the Burger, Get Those Sides!

This is a drive-by posting.

Just like the dinner was – fast, casual, and to the point.

Come to Bareburger wearing flip-flops and jeans. It is a fast-casual restaurant that specializes in organic, ethically raised produce and meats. And not just beef, turkey, and veggie burgers. Elk, venison, and bison all make appearances too. It’s turning the standard fast food concept around by making you feel good about what you are eating.

That cow isn’t just delicious, it was also treated well.

I know, I hate myself, too.

IMG_20131118_212934_773 Sweet Potato Croqs

Take it from someone who doesn’t even really love sweet potatoes – these are legit. They are whipped into a fluffy frenzy, mixed with sharp cheddar cheese, and fried until they are wonderfully crunchy outside. They are served piping hot with sweet and savory honey mustard and habanero chipotle dipping sauces. The habanero dipping sauce isn’t insanely spicy but it’s a really zesty, slightly hot dipping sauce. This is a must order.

IMG_20131118_212941_579 Fries

Like the Johnny Rockets fries of my youth! Medium thick  and skinless, not too salty and hot as can be. Served with a rather potent curry ketchup and two other dipping sauces, they are just what the (fast food) doctor ordered.

IMG_20131118_213415_168 Classic Burger

Here is the good/bad news.

Good news – it comes quickly. It’s clearly cooked to order. The toppings are fresh, the sauce is delicious, and the portion is generous.

Bad news – it’s underseasoned. Like..where is the salt? Or the pepper? Or the nicely charred crust? Where is any of it? I love beef, but it needs seasoning – it craves it. The excellent habanero chipotle mayo I ordered with it helped immensely but that’s a shame. This is great beef – it deserves better treatment.

Bareburger is a good spot for a quick lunch or dinner. Don’t go out of your way to go here, but if you do happen by it, it’s fairly priced with a comfortable atmosphere and good service.  Get a burger and some croqs, order extra sauce on the side, and you are on your way to a good, if not mind blowing, meal.

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