Pass the Prosciutto – Gluten Free Prosciutto, Goat Cheese and Beet Tartines

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You know that I eat everything.

but you may not know that I have a lot fo friends with eating restrictions.

Friends who are kosher.

Friends who are vegetarian.

Friends who love meat but only if it’s chopped and if served steak will gag due to the texture.

I really can’t make this stuff up.

I also have quite a few friends who avoid gluten. I myself am a huge gluten fan, but hey – if are allergic to it you don’t feel well when you eat it, then of course you should avoid it.

So this is a recipe, featuring Parma ham, just for them. Let’s talk for a second about parma ham. It’s often called prosciutto, and it’s ham that is salt cured so it has a very mild, slightly salty taste and is served in paper thin slices. The pearly white rim of fat along the outside melts at room temperature and it is excellent in everything from sandwiches to pizzas to eggs. It is very soft and sort of melts when cold or room temperature, and becomes crispy when heated.

True story – I once fed a very finicky baby parma ham. And she couldn’t get enough of it.

So this is a recipe for those of you who are gluten-free or not! It is so delicious that you would never guess that this is made with any restrictions in mind. It is based entirely off of balancing – highlighting the different tastes and textures of the ingredients.

And – as a bonus – it’s a “no cook” recipe.

That means your kids can make it while you have a glass of wine.


Gluten Free Prosciutto, Goat cheese, and Beet Tartines


parma ham recipe

2 slices gluten-free bread (I love Manna Bread)

4 slices Parma ham

2 whole beets, roasted and sliced thinly (yes, I used the premade kind…so sue me)

2 tbsp. whipped or soft goat’s cheese (I like Chevremousse)

drizzle of maple syrup.


1. Spread the cheees on the bread.


2. Layer with beets.


3. Add parma ham.


4. Top with a drizzle of maple syrup.


5. Serve.

Oh, I’m sorry –  did you think that making a delicious gluten-free recipe had to be difficult? Did you imagine that you had to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen?

That’s the whole reason to use prosciutto. It’s so tasty and perfect on its own you need to do very little to it. The best way to enhance its naturally silky texture and savory taste is to pair it with something sweet – that’s the maple syrup. Of course, every tartine needs a creamy component – enter the goat cheese. And the beets really add an unexpected, earthy flavor and tender-dense texture. It makes it a light meal or very filing appetizer. These are elegant enough to serve at your holiday party but easy enough to put together for an at-home brunch. The maple syrup is just sweet enough without having the cloying, sugary taste of honey. And that ham is so delicate but distinctive that you won’t ever be able to go back to plain ole ham again.

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