Renaissance Vendome in Paris Fits the Bill, but That’s About All

I stayed at a very nice hotel in Paris, too. It was nowhere near the level of service or beauty that the hotel in Amsterdam had, but it was serviceable, very well located, and came at a much lower price point.

The Renaissance Vendome bills itself as a boutique hotel but it is really more of a smaller, tighter chain hotel. You won’t see ultra luxe linens, a staff who will personally deliver you dinner from its own home, or a fleet of Rolls Royces to shuttle you around town. But you will find a very well run and organized hotel who, when asked, will do what you request, provides a lovely buffet breakfast, and extremely spacious (by Parisian standards) room.

The hotel is literally in the back of the extraordinary Le Meurice Hotel, a stone’s throw from the Place de la Concorde, the Tuileries, and the world’s best macarons. The location is safe, central, and unbelievably easy to access via foot, taxi, or metro. It’s the location that really sells this place, because from the inside, you could be anywhere in the country.

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The rooms are clean and modern, but they don’t scream Paris, or even whisper it. They are quiet and provide a comfy, American-king sized bed (harder to find than you might imagine), but other than that…they are a bit of a let down. You are in the city of light, is it too much to ask for a little gilt, some angels, or a couple of flourishes?

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Note: The bathroom is well equipped and the amenities ARE Bulgari – they couldn’t be higher end.

The hotel is very small and offers citrus scented water, jars of candy, and a coffee machine for your use at any time of the day or night.

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You may also check out the dark, gothic-style chinoiserie bar area – it’s tiny but has a full bar and a nice menu. Where else but Paris can you get foie gras and champagne at a Renaissance Hotel bar?

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The restaurant, Pinxtos, has a very thorough, if unmemorable, buffet. A cold selection of meats, cheeses, and smoked fish awaits, along with hot selections including scrambled eggs, roasted tomatoes, and warm breakfast meats.

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There is, being France, a gargantuan bread and pastry section. I wouldn’t seek out this breakfast but if you are staying at the hotel, it is both convenient and filling.

This hotel is good for the money. The location is dynamite, the rooms are clean and spacious, and the staff is accommodating. The only reason that I can’t be more thrilled about it is because it is a very American experience. There is no one who goes out of their way to remember your name, no exclusively French touches, and no really special experiences. However, a lot of people aren’t going to notice these things. They would rather have large, soft beds, plenty of pillows, air conditioning, and reliable wifi, which this hotel absolutely had. If that is what you want in a Parisian hotel, I cannot recommend this hotel enough.

 I stayed at this hotel at a media rate. I was not required to write about my experiences, and all of my opinions are my own and unbiased.