The Foods I Need to Eat

I have been lucky enough to have some amazing, uber decadent meals in my life.

Really, I am lucky and I know it.

But there are still some foods I have yet to try.

And boy, do I want to.

cinnabon via


Yeah, what can I say? I have flown a lot, have picked up countless friends at the airport, and come from the land that invented malls (total valley girl here). Yet, I have never had the cinnnamony, sugary, doughy wonder that is a Cinnabon. I always want to, but then I lose my nerve at the last minute. Will I feel sick on an 8 hour flight? Will I spill some of the gloriously sticky glaze and be unable to change while I have to continue my shopping trip? Will I love it so much that I have to eat the monstrosity once a week until my heart explodes? Who knows? I really hope I get the guts to try it someday.

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Pressed duck

Or, duck that is served with a sauce made from grinding the carcass at the table , so the resulting sauce is blood, bones, and everything that is good. The duck carcass is pressed at the table in an old-fashioned device that isn’t even available for sale to use at home – like I would ever use it! The resulting dish is supposedly incredibly rich and minerally, which are tastes I love. I imagine that I might feel slightly barbaric eating this, but it’s such a famous and ancient preparation – the kings of France used to eat tuck this way – that I can’t pass it up. It is served at La Tour D’Argent in Paris and Daniel in NYC so..yeah…I will whip out those credit cards stat.

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Italian Beef sandwich

You can only get this in Chicago and it seems like a sister to my much-loved French Dip, which I grew up eating at the one and only Philippe’s. These sandwiches have the same roast beef served on a roll saturated with beef juice, except it’s served with searing hot giardiniera relish. It seems like it would be best after a night of drinking fancy cocktails. Beef. Spice. Carbs. Gravy…you KNOW why I want to try this!

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Why do people eat something that might kill them!? It can’t be that delicious – only Nutella is that delicious. No, it’s what those of us who always wear our seatbelts, lock all the doors to the house, and never cut in line do to feel alive. I would LOVE to feel the slight tingle on my lips as I eat paper-thin slices of the raw fish, swished in tart ponzu dipping sauce. I would love to shiver with anticipation as I lift a slice to my mouth, praying that it has been prepared perfectly, with just enough poison left to tickle my tongue and let me know what I was eating. I would love to be in this elite club of culinary daredevils.

This is a must eat for me!

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State fair food

Because I simply must try this once in my life.


  1. you have my permission to try everything but the cinnabon. Don’t do it. Its overly sweet and tastes nothing like its cracktastic aroma. Let the fantasy live in your nose!
    Now, for a behemoth of an Italian sandwich, I love Sal, Kris, and Charlie deli in Astoria. the sandwich is under $8 and its the length of my arm. Roughly, 13 inches. Highlights include the Bomb and the Italian. You and hubs can share and still need naps after.

  2. Ttrockwood says:

    You may not want to know this…….. There’s a cinnabon in penn station.