The Grand – Amsterdam’s Luxury Hotel Experience

On my rather epic European vacation last summer, my time traveling was about more than stuffing my face until I had to go up a pants size.

it was also about staying in some awesome hotels,the most memorable of which was The Grand in Amsterdam.

This ancient hotel (really,the oldest in Amsterdam, where the royalty used to host their guests) was recently taken over by the Sofitel hotel brand. Sofitel has made it whir European flagship for their ultra high end Legend line.

The hotel is a triumph. It seamlessly blends old and new, luxury and warmth, and attention to detail with the modern amenities you might expect at home.

The location is unbeatable – a stones throw from Dam Square, the Jordaan District, the Red Light District,and even walkable to The Nine Streets and the Ann Frank House.
first 2 days trip 081 The hotel’s inner courtyard is the ideal place to relax with a glass of wine or a cappuccino. It is all exposed brick and modern glass.The flowers for which Holland is so famous are abundant,there is a weekend jazz quartet, and the service is attentive but not overly so.  first 2 days trip 083 Every room in the hotel is different – whether you choose a smaller, more basic room, or one of the ultra luxurious suites, you can expect a bathtub, shower, air conditioning, wifi, and an espresso maker.  first 2 days trip 090 The savior after many a long night.  amsterdam day 2 037 Even the smallest rooms are well laid out,with bright, saturated jewel tones decor and luxurious amenities.
amsterdam day 2 044 Of course, should you choose to spring for an insanely luxurious canal apartment suite, you will stay in the oldest part of the hotel, which is outfitted with the most luxurious accouterments. We are talking a kitchenette, a view of the canal, a sitting room,  a bathroom with a standing tub and modern shower fit for a queen, and a lush bedroom.
amsterdam day 2 047 The rooms are all different, but the richly saturated tones echo throughout the hotel.  amsterdam day 2 053 The hotel is also home to an award wining florist (the flowers in Amsterdam are actually unbelievable…they are both ubiquitous and beautiful). amsterdam day 2 054 The hotel is also filled with remnants of its long history, including hidden ancient documents that were found inside the hotel’s walls when the canal rooms were being redone.

amsterdam day 2 061

Or this guest book, on this day showcasing an autograph from Andre Agassi.

amsterdam day 2 062

Or this dining room mural, covered by a fake wall right after WWII because it depicts hungry children. It was only recently discovered when the Sofitel took over the Grand.

amsterdam day 2 057 Don’t forget to take a moment to have a cup of coffee or plan your dy in the ever so inviting library, just off the elegant lobby. amsterdam day 2 059 There are little nooks all over the place, ideal for realizing after your dogs are barking from walking all over the city. 

amsterdam day 2 066 And you already know about the wonderful buffet breakfast.

This doesn’t even begin to describe the minute but beautifully outfitted spa, the hotel tour given each and every week, and the out-of-this-world staff. They will bring you an ironing board in 10 minutes if you need one, write down their favorite restaurants in Paris, or walk you out the door to personally show you where the nearest haberdashery is.

I can’t say enough about this hotel. It is fairly priced (to say, expensive but worth it) and the experience and location are wonderful.

Don’t pass up The Grand…it’s really an only-in-Amsterdam luxury hotel.

I stayed at this hotel at a media rate. I was not required to write about my experiences, and all of my opinions are my own and unbiased.