2013’s Epic Fails

It’s that time of the year when classy bloggers make lists of their favorite blog posts of the year. The sumptuous meals. The beautiful tablescapes. The groundbreaking discoveries.

And it’s the time of the year that I (clearly not a classy blogger) showcase my biggest failures, many of which  never made it onto the blog.

So here it is…the worst of 2013!

china latina 014 1. Jamaican quesadillas

FYI…sauteing beef in mango hot sauce makes the beef taste like it has been soaked in oddly sweet urine. And no amount of avocado or chopped bell pepper can save it. Seriously…don’t heat up mango hot sauce. Ever.   IMG_0574 3. Nut crusted goat cheese

Don’t skip the egg wash. And don’t use nuts that you have haphazardly smashed instead of actually crushed in a spice grinder or blender. The nuts will burn, fall off, and generally desert the cheese to let it melt in anunnatractive way all over the pan. So sad.  IMG_0578 3. Seared duck

It should have been easy. I wrote a whole article about it, after all. But no, I ended up with a beautifully seared skin that wasn’t at all rendered and an overdone outside and bleeding raw inside meat. Tough and unseasoned. Duck,expect a rematch in 2014…

IMG_20131019_221715_469 4. Guy Fieri’s lamb chop

Just…so…sad. The lamb should die for THIS?! pics 003 5. Filet mignon burgers

Don’t think you are going to get an ultra luxe, lean burger by grinding your own fillet at home. You end up with shoe leather. Actually, it’s so bouncy that it’s more like a basketball on a bun.  pix 001 6. Just put some floss in my purse.

Because DUDE…who has the time or privacy to take tooth selfies every time that she eats tabbouleh?!
pix 032 7. Cheating nonfat cheese sauce

Because using nonfat evaporated milk and fake vegan cheese doesn’t result in the nachos of your diet dreams…it results in something that looks and smells like the cat threw up.

All jokes aside, it was a pretty damn delicious year. I had some great restaurant experiences, developed some fun and tasty recipes, and – most of all – shared them with coolest readers on the interwebs.

Thank you so much for reading Fritos and Foie Gras and I promise you many more delicious posts next year!

Happy and healthy 2014 to all!


  1. This was awesome. I’ve been pretty far behind on my F&FG reading, but I do love it so.