5 Post Holiday Pleasures

If you are one of those lucky folks who has Christmas off today, here are some ideas of things that you should do:

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009) Poster


1) Give yourself $12 to spend at the nearest  drugstore and go wild. Might I recommend some Nutella and a crappy Jennifer Garner movie?


2) Start drinking at 9 am and take a nap at noon. It’s midweek brunch and it’s awesome. When else is it appropriate?!

3) Bring down leftovers to your doorman – or, if you really want to do it up right, make them a fresh batch of cookies. They will be so thrilled that the next time you get so much as an envelope, they will help you carry it upstairs.  Besides, chances are, they are awesome and deserve those cookies more than Santa.

nyc parking ticket


4) Get a good parking spot at the mall and confuse all of the manic sale shoppers by moving in and out of the spot repeatedly. 

5) Delay getting healthy just one more day and order in that Chinese food that your Jewish friends were eating last night. Or, do the opposite, and make a prime rib and Yorkshire pudding for a traditional Christmas meal just one day late!

Of course, if you are working, just spend the day hating those who aren’t.

And still consider doing #4 on a weekend. It’s evil but enjoyable.