A Lotta Salad and a Little Sweet

Here’s hoping that those of you on the east coast enjoyed your unseasonably warm weekend.

And as for those of you on the west coast…every weekend is warm.

We all hate you.

I have been eating some healthy food and some total junk food. It’s all or nothing with me, lately! Here’s the scoop:



One of those “how have I never been here?” places. Because, really..why haven’t I? The Chelsea location is small and on the cramped side, so sit at the bar for lunch or come with 1 friend max – a table of 3 really better be comprised of skinny minnies to be comfortable. The food isn’t fancy but it surely is tasty – my daily special of chef’s salad was filled with excellently grilled strip steak – crispy on the edges and juicy within. Hunks of cucumber, creamy avocado, and other market fresh veggies rounded out the dish. It isn’t that the recipe is new or intricate, it’s that the ingredients are all cooked and composed very well. Bravo.



I haven’t been to this restaurant since it used to be in Greenwich Village years ago. The new Chelsea vibe has become a little more corporate and has lost some of its personality and charm. But if the burgers are as good as I remember them – thick, juicy, and topped with pungent and high quality Artisanal cheese – then the loss of atmosphere is a small price to pay.

The Cobb salad is again, standard but well done. Crispy bacon, buttery avocado, chunks of nutty cheddar cheese, and juicy char-grilled chicken. Oh yeah, and they chop it almost ingot oblivion if you ask nicely. That’s what takes this salad from satisfying to craveable. 

Why do chopped salads taste so much better? Have I actually gotten so lazy that I no longer like to chew?

Don’t answer that…


Queen Anne cherry candies

This time of year, they haunt every drug store from Rite Aid to Duane Reade. It’s the trashiest candy on the planet – there is nothing here that occurs in nature. I don’t even like cherries very much, let alone the disgusting fluorescent red items known as Maraschino cherries. And yet…these are so wonderful. A thin, sweet chocolate shell surrounding sweet, sticky glaze and a pop of a juicy, candied cherry. These will give you a diabetic shock. And a stomachache.

Each year I eat them until I am sick of them. 

Not there yet, this year!


  1. Ttrockwood says:

    I love westville! I go to the e village location for brunch fairly often- the market special plate is always good, farmers market daily specials, and i love their portuguese muffin. And a pretty good bloody mary there.