Chelsea Market Treats

This weekend, I wound up at Chelsea Market. I LOVE that place! The restaurants, the clothing shops, the food stores…it’s like the mall of my dreams!

And, after all, no matter how I may try to escape it, I am a valley girl. I am bound by my birth to love a shopping mall.

One of my favorite aspects of Chelsea Market is the large food court area with tons of different vendors. Tiny homemade doughnuts, vegan salads and soups, and gourmet grilled cheeses abound. Here are a couple of my favorite treats:

IMG_20131215_145110_551 Thai chicken curry pot pie from Tuck Shop

Australians don’t only get cute accents, they also get meat pies. Aussies love this stuff, and why not? A flaky, buttery crust surrounding savory, hearty fillings is just the thing for a snowy winter (or in their case, a snowy summer) day. This pie really fits the bill. The crust is a little dense and tough, but the filling is excellent. It’s creamy but not gloppy, with a surprising kick of spice – those little plastic cups of Sriracha are not necessary. The creamy coconut sauce is loaded with tender chicken, spinach, soft onions, and other vegetables. There are the aromatic note of kaffir lime and coriander. It’s large enough to satisfy for lunch but small enough to eat quickly. Heartily recommended!

IMG_20131215_180104_694 S’mores candy bar from Liddabit Sweets

It’s not just this bar, it’s everything from Liddabit. The chocolate is all rich and thick, with just the right balance of creamy and bitter. The fillings, from fluffy marshmallows to boozy pecans, are all high quality. Their signature honeycomb candy, in delightfully irregular icebergs, is enrobed in such a thick layer of chocolate that it is more like fudge. The bacon caramel corn is enough to cause a frenzy in our home, resulting in pulled hair and hoarding of said corn.

Liddabit is totally awesome.

As are all of my Chelsea Market favorites!