Five Points – Always in Season

This piece originally appeared in Whisked Foodie

The most important dining movement in the last 10 years hasn’t been tail-to-nose whole beast feasts. It hasn’t been veganism, and it hasn’t been the raw food trend. It has been eating seasonally.

People started to realize that strawberries taste sweetest in the summer and that game tastes the richest and funkiest in the late fall. This idea of eating with the seasons instead of just eating whatever is available without paying attention to what is in season plays into locavorism and supporting local farmers. Luckily, it also plays into taste. Such is the premise behind Five Points.

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Five Points, a NoHo staple since 1999, is the brainchild of chef and owner Marc Meyer of Hundred Acres and Cookshop. Meyer has been a proponent of eating seasonally since the restaurant opened, and though his menu has a few perennial staples, most of it changes several times a year. There is also a plethora of daily specials, including a rotating raw bar.

The restaurant, named for the part of town in which it is located, carefully walks the line between hip and comfortable. The main dining room is dark and buzzy, but there is a large anteroom with a skylight that lends itself towards parties or a brunch. The restaurant gets quite busy at peak dinner times, where it is great for a group of friends catching a casual dinner or for a couple enjoying drinks and snacks at the bar.


Start with the famous potato pizza, made with sliced Yukon gold potatoes, fontina, and white truffle oil. The crust is cracker thin and properly charred on the bottom, contrasting with the extremely creamy and soft fontina cheese. The thinly sliced potatoes are butter, with the skins providing a bit of pleasant chew next to the soft flesh. The touch of truffle oil is perfect—its heady scent reaches the nostrils before the mild taste of the pizza reaches your mouth. This is the ultimate potato lover’s pizza.

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Then go for a seasonal entree, like fresh fluke with rye berries, strawberries, red onion, jalapeno, walnuts, mint, and yogurt or the ever popular Amish Roasted Chicken, which can come with anything from creamy polenta to crisp french fries and butter lettuce doused in herbaceous Green Goddess dressing.

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The prices are fair, the food is delicious, and the service is efficient but also convivial. Though there is a heavy hand with the salt, the food is just so delicious that the dehydration that follows is worth it. When you dine at Five Points, you aren’t just eating a meal, you are eating a philosophy. It just also happens to be extremely tasty.