2014 Foodie Resolutions

2013 was awesome in so many ways. I had some tremendous personal and professional strides, and I was really luckier than I deserve.

 But, I want to make 2014 even better. Richer. Fattier.

So, here are my 2014 resolutions:

1. Experiment with other proteins

Duck. Pork. Elk. Bison. Why don’t I cook with these proteins more? I eat them in restaurants and enjoy them – if I can read a recipe, I can cook them, right? They are healthy and easily found – why not spice up my usual steak or chili with a new type of meat? Buh bye beef, hello other proteins.


2. More slow cooker recipes

Because how AWESOME is this thing?! Yes, it’s fantastic to create and cook complicated recipes, but how often can we cook those? Once a month if the house is clean and you aren’t occupied, and you have $100 to burn. Quite frankly, people like easy-to-prepare meals – I know that I do. Slow cooking results in flavorful food that is easy to cook, often inexpensive, and intensely flavorful. Expect me to drag out that Crockpot more and more this year.

fooood 127

3. More desserts

I have a salt tooth, we all know this. But I spend too much time and money on ice cream, gross packaged cookies, and the like. I have an ice cream  maker, a thousand baking pans, and access to chocolate chips and flour. Even if it’s just me finding recipes and directing you to them, I think it’s worthwhile to sweeten up this blog!

4. Fewer mediocre reviews

Because this blog in’t just a space filler for me. It’s a labor of love, it’s a source of work, and it’s valuable information (if it isn’t, just let me live in rapt delusion…). Why tell you about a place that’s merely okay?


I am going to either write about great places or horrible ones.

Because this isn’t a mediocre blog. It’s a great one…or a horrible one?

5. Season of yeast. Again. Shut up.


  1. Ttrockwood says:

    Love this list!
    I’m sure you want to keep your private life private…but i would love to hear more about the food planning/tasting plans for your wedding!

    • Thank you so much! And I will definitely be posting about the tasting and giving a no-holds-barred wedding planning in NYC review after the whole thing is over…because it’s a crazy journey hahaha!!!! Happy new year!