What I’ve Been Eating Lately

And now, for a quick look at some of my favorite recent eats around the city:

IMG_20130827_083434_015 Pomme Palais macarons

Disclaimer – I work for this joint. But I’ll be damned if these macarons aren’t outstanding. Wow…they are made fresh, every single day, by a marvelous staff who painstakingly fills each crunchy almond cookie with fragrant raspberry jam, nutty pistachio ganache, or fudgy chocolate. You never get a stale one, because they are replaced every single day without fail. And a fresh macaron – chewy, crispy, light, and intense – is perhaps my numer one favorite sweet treat. These are among the best in the city.

IMG_20140112_123147_467 Vodka slice at House of Pizza and Calzones

I could shoot myself for not taking a beauty shot, but hey, at least the underskirt was captured, right? Besides, pictures could never capture the intense, cheesy wonderful nature of this slice. The vodka sauce is very creamy and sweet, with only a mild tang from tomatoes. It’s so rich next to the milky fresh mozzarella that covers the slice. Yet, it isn’t flat or boring – the sauce is generously spiked with oregano and the paper thin crust provides a wheaty, earthy backbone. I can’t recommend this slice enough – it may have replaced sausage and onion as my all time fave slice flavor!
IMG_20140113_131432_835 Anything at Viand

How many diners are there in this city? About a gajillion, right? But how many good diners are there? I have been to like 4 – and this is one of them. The place is pristine, with good service and they never look at you weirdly if you come in alone and just want to sit and read a trashy magazine…or a Pulitzer Prize winner…because that’s what I read. The salads are fresh, with no limp or slimy veggies, and there are curly fries.

Curly fries, people.

Get an omelette, get a turkey club, get a slice of homemade pie, and whatever time you get it, it will be fresh, delicious, and delivered quickly.

Long live the reliable diner. 


  1. Ttrockwood says:

    You are SO right about pomme palais!! I had the pistachio and it was one of the best i’ve found in nyc!