Empanadas and a Root and Bone Preview

I won’t keep ya in suspense – here are some delicious eats I have been enjoying as of late:

IMG_20140201_202451_680 (1)

Squash blossom and goat cheese empanadas at Cafe Frida

This place is kinda pricey and the portions can be small, but this is one of the dishes on the menu that is not only tasty but well portioned. The empanadas are very big – excellent for an appetizer or enough for the majority of a small meal. They are flatter than traditional empanadas and very flaky. The interior is creamy and earthy, with oregano and cilantro. It’s served on a rather spicy, tart salsa that brightens up the whole dish. I highly recommend this and a potent frozen blood orange margaritas for a snack at the bar.


Skate with lemon and butter at Ed’s Chowder House

Been awhile since I ate here, right? The service has definitely gone down a notch, but the fish is as excellent as ever. This skate is as good as I have had anywhere, and that includes a very salty version that I once had at Balthazar. This is crispy, moist, and flaky with a mild taste, similar to bass. It’s served in an almost too buttery sauce – rich, tart with lemon, and swimming with herbs and leeks. It’s picatta style to the max, complete with buttery crushed potatoes. It’s super rich and a little heavy for a fish dish, which makes it ideal for a winter night.


Deviled Eggs from Root and Bone

Top Chef’s Jeff McInnis is bringing his southern fried cookin’ up north and when it hopefully opens this spring in Alphabet City, expect the lines to go around the block. At this preview event, I had some really great food, but none was better than this deviled egg. Creamy, tart, and salty with a surprising umami kick from the anchovy – this is an egg for the ages. The perfect brunch dish or anytime dish. I could eat a dozen, no problem.


  1. EFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF how did I miss out on those deviled eggs? Deviled eggs are like, a THING of mine. Sigh!!!