Kringles for Christmas in February

Being Jewish gives me a ton of culinary advantages. I was eating liver at a young age, learned about the goodness of schmaltz on bread, and absolutely live to celebrate any holiday with a ton of food.

But, I was also denied some opportunities.

Like the opportunity to come downstairs on Christmas morning to the scent of cinnamon, sugar, and nuts.

Because, in some Gentile households of Danish descent, the kids get that every year in the form of a Kringle.

My friend Karl introduced us to this insanely delicious treat this past weekend – a little Christmas in February, dontcha know?

photo 1 (9) These Kringles come from Oh Danish Bakery in Wisconsin. You just order them online and freeze them. Follow the easy instructions to heat them up – don’t even THINK about microwaving these babies. Would you splatter paint on a Degas?

photo 3 (4) They come iced and ready to go. After just 3 minutes in your warm oven, the incredible scent of something sweeter than a cinnamon roll but with the same yeasty, familiar overtone wafts through the house.

photo 4 (4) This is addictive. It’s better than the alligator from Viktor Benes. It’s flaky and tender, but not doughy or gummy like most cinnamon rolls. It’s filled with a very fine pate of pecans, cinnamon, and sugar – it’s so delicate in texture but very robust in flavor. The icing is hard and crispy, like the awesome glaze on a sugar cookie, juxtaposing the delicate dough and the almost creamy filling. There are supposedly other versions, filled with raspberry and other fruits, but man…I can’t imagine anything tastier than this.

I wish this was a sample the company had sent me so I could send you some in a giveaway. But it isn’t  – it’s just this kick ass pastry from Wisconsin that my Danish friend Karl (Danish by way of Tucson, AZ) brought over for breakfast.

It’s why we keep him around.

And it’s why I’m mad that I’m Jewish