Seven Foodie Phrases You Will Never Hear Me Say

This isn’t just a blog about food…it’s a blog about me.

And I want you all to be prepared, not just for what to expect from an Italian restaurant, but how to tell if I have become a zombie in case of the zombie apocalypse. 

If I ever utter one of these phrases, it’s not me. It’s my zombie self.

So run.

Because I would NEVER say:

“Ugh, I would never eat fast food.”

“Dude, no foie gras is worth that much money.”


“Oh I didn’t prepare to wait in line. That’s okay – let’s just wait for a couple of hours – I’m hungry, but I won’t get cranky!”


“I know that we are in Japan but I just really want to go to TGIFriday’s…”

“Give me another red wine – I never get hungover!”

amsterdam day 3 029

“I honestly can’t eat one more French fry.”

“Let’s skip the appetizers and just order more dessert!”


“Just dig right in, it’s okay if you don’t wait for me to take a picture for my blog.”


  1. Haha I’ve uttered two of those quite a bit… “I don’t get hungover” and “it’s okay if you don’t wait for me to take a picture for the blog” (with NO sarcasm).