Spring, Where Are You?: The Fritos and Foie Gras Edition

It will be March 1 tomorrow.

By all accounts, that is when spring should start, equinox or not.

It’s daylight savings next week, for Pete’s sake!

I’m not even asking you, I’m telling you. Spring should be here NOW.

So here are the things that I wish were on my docket for this weekend:

Drinking margaritas

Eating light, fresh sushi

Cooking with fresh asparagus and tender new potatoes

Scrambling eggs for an outdoor brunch

And here is what I actually will be doing:

france day 1 and 2 059

Drinking hot cocoa

Eating lamb stew

Cooking with hearty beef and pasta

Making the fattiest, most decadent vegetarian sandwich known to humankind

Because it’s going to be 10 degrees and snowing this weekend.

Winter, I have given you your due, but to me, you are now dead.

Sun, come to mama.


  1. Anyone who can still enthusiastically say “I love snow!” after this winter in NYC we’ve had should be slapped upside the head, one time for every inch we’ve received this winter.