48 Phenomenal Hours at the Trump SoHo

Okay, I won’t tease you any longer.

I promised a full review of the Trump Soho, so here it is:


Public Spaces

Gorgeous. Sleek, elegant, dark, and very chic. It’s all angles, mirrors, and sleek wood. There is nothing shabby chic or rustic about this place – it’s all NYC all the way. The people who stay here all seem to have “resting bitch face,” but that’s because most of them are models and haven’t eaten since “Friends” was on the air. The staff is fabulous (more on that later), and there are tons of places to sit and play on your phone while you wait for your date to meet you for dinner. BTW, hit up the in-house restaurant, Koi. for dinner – it’s one of my favorites.

photo 1 (20)

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photo 3 (15)

photo 2 (25)

photo 4 (17) Rooms

A really mixed bag. The room itself (we were upgraded – more on that in a minute) is exquisite – beautifully laid out with sumptuous linens, the softest bed I have felt in a hotel in ages, and a bathroom that has a huge mirror looking out over the Empire State Building. The bathroom is so big that there is a CHAIR in it, you guys. Which is perfect or when you are brushing your teeth and just want to take a load off. There is a state of the art espresso machine,a  full wet bar setup, and a really cool sliding wall that totally separates the bedroom and the living room into 2 separate rooms. There is a tv in the bathroom, 2 flat screens in the bedroom and living space, and floor to ceiling windows that make it hard to turn on any of them.

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The views are stunning – from sunrise to sunset they showcase the finest views that NYC has to offer, from the sparkling Hudson to the iconic Empire State Building – just ignore the hideous H and M logo that now mires our fair city’s skyline. That’s all the good. Now there’s some not so great. The water pressure is abysmal – the shower has a great shower head but it takes 20 minutes just to get your hair fully saturated. The sink in the bathroom was incredibly clogged – let the water run for more than 30 seconds and I ended up with a sink full of cloudy water. There were very few amenities in the bathroom – just the normal shampoo, shower gel, and conditioner. No lotion, no sewing kits, no toothbrushes. For these prices, these amenities should really be included. It’s not enough to tarnish my memory of the hotel, but it’s also a definite dark mark on what is otherwise a phenomenal room.

The Spa

Yikes. This is the iffy part of the review. It actually isn’t iffy, it’s really just negative. I had a wonderful experience so I don’t want to dwell on this, but suffice to say that the spa is not up to snuff with the rest of the ultra luxurious hotel. It’s small, ill laid out,and poorly equipped. the sauna is tiny, the steam room takes forever to warm up, and the pool is on an entirely different floor. It’s just not what I expect in accordance with the rest of the hotel.

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The Staff

The most fabulous aspect of this hotel and the one that made this hotel one to remember. From the moment we walked in the front door, we were treated as if we were Donald and Melania themselves, instead of two nobodies. They didn’t even know that I had a blog, let alone that I might write about it. When we walked in , we were offered warm lavender and lemon scented towels and bottles of water while we checked in. When we said that we were there for the bachelorette, our fabulous front desk person almost squealed in delight and called over the attache (concierge). The two of them immediately upgraded us to that ultra-luxe 1.5 bathroom suite and sent up a plate of the juiciest chocolate covered strawberries that I have ever seen. They fell over themselves trying to get us dinner reservations, helping my kick ass fiance send up a surprise bottle of champagne, and making sure that we were not disturbed when we got in after our fun night out. In fact, every person we dealt with at the hotel was extraordinarily helpful and friendly, from the chamber maid who serviced our room within the 45 minutes we left the room to the doorman who we had to beg to take a tip for catching us a cab. I have never received better service in any NYC hotel – it is almost Asian (How I miss you, Park Hyatt, Tokyo)in its service, that’s how great it is.

How would I rate the Trump SoHo? A solid 8. The spa and room amenities leave something to be desired. But the room service, staff, beautiful views, and sensational location make up for it. I would stay here again and in fact I plan to do so – my sister and I plan to make this a yearly trip.

See you in 358 days, Trump SoHo!


  1. You’re making me want an excuse to go to this hotel like, RIGHT NOW.


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