Fancy Chocolates and Down Home Meals

Here are the delicious bites I have recently enjoyed!

2012-12-03_19-25-22_318 Middle Eastern food at Cleopatra’s Needle

Live music, unpretentious clientele and a plethora of middle eastern food. On the rather chi-chi and sometimes buttoned up UWS, this is totally refreshing. Go for the garlicky hummus, the smoky babaganoush, or the grape leaves. I love these grape leaves – they are clearly made fresh to order with tart, taught  leaves surrounding a creamy rice and mint mixture. It’s not too pricey and it’s not too fancy, but you can sit down and enjoy a glass of wine. What winner.
IMG_20131022_120011_769 Short rib and Gruyere sandwich at Pomme Palais

Disclaimer – I work for the joint. And this pic has been posted before, but I just had this sandwich again and realized that I never wrote about it. It is so decadent. Tangy, nutty Gruyère cheese blanketing melt-in-your-mouth short ribs. Rich, fatty, and soft between slices of crunchy toast. Ask for some hot mustard on the side to add that nasal-searing quality that mimics horseradish and roast beef. Its’ getting warmer (so they SAY), so enjoy this gut buster while you may!
IMG_20140316_185110_884 Bond Street Chocolates

For the connoisseur in your life. Choose flavors like absinthe, tequila, and rum. They are all miniature jewels, made with shiny, almost bitter dark chocolate or creamy, smooth milk chocolate. The filings aren’t just plain liqueur – they are infused into creamy ganaches or crunchy nut butters. They come wrapped beautifully and are the perfect hostess gift. Just make sure it actually gets to the hostess before you dig in.