Nutella Bridal Pancake Faces: #SpreadtheHappy

As a rule, I don’t develop recipes or write posts for a product exchange.

This is my business, and unless I am hired to write a post, I just don’t do it…If I can’t pay my cab driver with a jar of peanut butter, then you can’t pay me that way.

However…rules are made to be broken.

Especially if there is Nutella involved.

Nutella…who doesn’t love this stuff?

Maybe people who hate the first flowers of spring and the way that babies crinkle their tiny noses when they first learn to laugh?

Yeah, those must be the only people who hate Nutella.

Because the rest of us know that this hazelnut-chocolate spread is a gift from the heavens. I remember the first time that I had it was in French Class in 7th grade. My teacher gave us each an icy Orangina and a small piece of baguette smeared with thick, rich, creamy Nutella. Then she told us that French kids got to eat this bread and chocolate concoction for breakfast every single day.

All of a sudden, my oatmeal and scrambled eggs seemed pretty crappy.

That’s why when Nutella offered me the chance to participate in “Spread the Smiles” for Pancake Day, I was on it.

This isn’t really a recipe, it’s an art project.

Please keep in mind how much I hate art. I am so bad at it. That same year that I tried Nutella was the year that I got a B- in drawing…in DRAWING. 

However, I guess love for Nutella>hatred of art projects.

So here we go.

And…because I have weddings on the brain…I of course made a Nutella bride (silver dollar style, so I could rationalize eating 12 of them).


1. Make your pancakes or nuke your frozen pancakes (I judge all the time but not for using frozen pancakes).


2. Pipe out your tiny Nutella eyes, nose, and mouth (totally forgot the nose and added it in later).


3. Spoon on your hair (ie, bangs made out of strawberry, pineapple, or apple butter  jam, according to the hair color you want).

DSCN5593 4. Pipe out your marshmallow fluff bridal veil.

DSCN5600 5. Eat and repeat at least 5 times.

You know that you want to create your own little bride, policeman, doctor, or president on your own. So here’s your chance!

Just leave a comment and I will randomly choose 2 winners on this Friday, May 7 at 6 pm to win 2 jars of Nutella!

Nutella: The only stuff that is bettr than money!

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post. I have been given product to use and give away. 


  1. My grown son loves Nutella lol thanks jfor the giveaway

  2. Ttrockwood says:

    Those are some damned funny pancakes! My nutella ends up as more of a spoon to mouth situation……

  3. I need those!
    May I eat it out of the jar after February 2015? LOL

  4. Nutella is the stuff that dreams are made of. I also truly trust and believe the commercials telling me that Nutella is a really heathy and acceptable breakfast food…

  5. What would happen if I put Nutella in the batter itself? Would my mouth explode?!

  6. Screw chia seeds…we all know Nutella is the real Mayan superfood.