Sensational Room Service at The Trump SoHo

Bachelorette trips are a thing now.

Did you know that?

Not a bachelorette party…bachelorette trips. We are talking anything from a long weekend in New Orleans to a week-long trip to an all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic. We are talking 8 – 15 gals shelling out for plane tickets, hotel rooms, bars, restaurants, wine tastings, trashy clothes, and wi-fi in the room.

I just didn’t have enough energy to plan that or enough faith to let anyone else plan it.

But just because I had a traditional bachelorette out on the town didn’t mean that I didn’t have a getaway that weekend.

My incredibly cool sister took me away on a mini staycation. We stayed at a chic, cool hotel, had a spa day, and generally did sister stuff for the 48 hours surrounding the bachelorette shindig.

And we ate a TON of room service.

Expect a full write up of the Trump SoHo soon, but the room service needs its own post. It’s phenomenal. Better than the St. Regis, better than The Plaza, and on par with the Mandarin Oriental. Everything we ordered was excellent:

photo 2 (22) A burger ordered at 2 AM was delivered in 30 minutes. Seared to an ideal medium rare with a minerally, rich taste. It’s extremely beefy – a bit dense for my taste, but still juicy and well seasoned. Order it on the crisp English muffin or chewy/soft pretzel bun, and do me proud and get it with blue cheese melted on top. It’s enough to fill you up for the day or sop up the booze at night, but not so big that it gives you an overly filled, leaden feeling.
photo 3 (14) The continental breakfast. The pastries are so-so (muffins) to crave-worthy (The fluffy cheese Danish with warm, sweet cream cheese filling), but the fruit is a STANDOUT. Fresh, juicy, and sweet – where the hell do they get grapefruits that taste like they are dipped in sugar and pineapple that reminds me of Hawaii? The Donald might have some fake hair, but dude has real fruit connections.

photo 4 (15) Caesar salad

Not a full on kale caesar salad, just a few small, tender leaves added into the mix for texture and a more earthy taste. The dressing is aggressively salty and savory – not like you need a gallon of water after eating it or anything, but this isn’t watered down mayonnaise. This is a lemony, cheesy dressing that clings to the crisp romaine and hearty kale. There are small slivers of anchovy throughout, adding their umami taste to the salad. Fresh croutons, no bigger than a baby’s pinky nail complete the dish.

photo 5 (7) There is an entire eggs Benedict section of the menu…did y’all know that something like that even existed? Plain, Mexican, Norweigian…the choices go on and on. The classic comes on perfectly toasted bread with light hollandaise sauce, crispy home fries, and peeled asparagus.


If that doesn’t scream class, there is also two ply toilet paper in the bathroom.
photo 1 (19) Club sandwich

I’m somewhat of a club sandwich connoisseur. I have had them everywhere from California to Rome, from cruise ships to Jewish camp (turkey bacon just ain’t the same). I love a club sandwich. And I have NEVER had one as good as the one I ate here. The trick is using smoked chicken instead of the traditional turkey – such a simple swap but an inspired one. Chicken naturally has a more mild, delicate flavor and texture that blends with the other ingredients instead of dominating them. Crisp bacon, buttery avocados, fresh veggies, and the thinnest white toast imaginable. All it needed was  a healthy dollop of mayonnaise. And those fries – sensational. Hot, crispy, and well seasoned with Parmesan and herbs. So many times, room service fries arrive cold, stale, or – the worst offence, in my book – soggy. These are hot, crisp, and deliciously seasoned each and every time.

Who needs tropical beaches and foot long drinks?

I had room service all weekend long. Happy bachelorette to me.