Tree Bistro Girls Night

*Here’s what I have been eating:

French fries.

Like, literally, that’s it.

Just fries. I haven’t been eating anything interesting, I haven’t been cooking anything at ALL, and I doubt that it will change until after I get back from my honeymoon. Don’t worry, I should have new blog posts up next week.

Until then, won’t you indulge me while I am in program-making, last minute dress-ripping, urgent breakable wine glass-finding hell and take this trip down memory lane with me?

Thanks so much.

PS…remember when I was cool enough to do Sunday Funday?*

 On a rainy summer evening, a girlfriend and I  made our way down to the village to Tree Bistro, a tiny restaurant with a very sweet hostess/waitress.  She led us out back to a lovely, covered garden area.  It was a humid, rainy night, and to sit outside with the rain pattering down on the roof was really relaxing and fun!

 The restaurant was very casual but the menu looked very serious.  Which was good, because we were seriously hungry.  Luckily, there was some very serviceable, if unremarkable, bread and butter.  We carbo loaded and talked about our upcoming marathon..well, LAUREN’S upcoming marathon…mostly, I just text her “good luck” on the morning of the race, then go back to sleep for a few hours.

Pickled beets with goat cheese and walnuts

This is GREAT!  The beet is sweet, velvety, and soft next to slightly bitter spinach and nutty breadcrumbs.  Breadcrumbs on salad is SUCH an awesome play on croutons!  This way, each and every bite had some carby goodness!  The salad was lovely, and although some blue cheese would have been a welcome addition, the dish was satisfying as it was.

Roasted vegetables.

Normally I would say-LAUREN!  WHAT A WIMP!  Get a REAL meal, girl!!!  But she had indulged in a Sunday Funday the day before (If you have never had a Sunday Funday, please post your name and email in the comments below, and I will be most happy to take you on the best, booziest, cheaper- than- you- thought- it- could- be day of your life).  Sunday Funday leaves you a little bit meat-logged and under the weather, so these veggies were just what the doctor ordered.  The juicy tomatoes, sweet zucchini, earthy fingerling potatoes, crisp haricots verts, and gently caramelized onions all worked beautifully in the tangy and gentle balsamic vinaigrette.  It also came with a tiny tub of goat cheese that Lauren eventually polished off with her fingers.  Now do you see why I love her?

Salmon appetizer

It came with a small tangle of watercress and crisp slices of toasted baguette.  The baguette was dressed in DELIGHTFUL honey mustard dressing-seriously, I would like to buy this, pour it on my arm, and lick it off my own body, that is how great it is!  And the salad was fresh, slightly bitter, and a wonderful contrast to the fatty salmon and sweet dressing. The salmon itself…kinda meh.  The chunks were tough and some were even stringy-it looked like remnants of the salmon entree, versus a dish on its own. The fish was fresh, but not particularly seasoned beyond parsley and a few capers.  If it were not for the honey mustard, I would not have wanted to finish it all.

Pommes frites

  Like gourmet McDonalds-greasy, crispy, flecked with herbs and glistening with oil-they were totally delightful.  And seemed so light and delicate as I shoveled them into my mouth hand over fist, trying to beat Lauren to the crunchiest little morsels.  She is an athlete…she has fast reflexes. I had to literally smack her hand away sometimes.  Our friendship is now on shaky ground, but it was so, way worth it!

When we paid the bill, after tipping on the full price that the check would have been without the Scoutmob discount (of course-please always do this if you use a discount at a restaurant), I still only ended up paying $25.  WHAAA??? I have paid that much at a PAX deli, for way lower food quality and absolutely NO atmosphere!  Tree was a charming and well serviced restaurant, and though the prices would have been a bit high without the discount, with the discount it was just what the doctor ordered.  And with a fun friend like Lauren? What could be better??  Now, if you will excuse us, Lauren has to go running, and I have to watch “Teen Mom”.  We are both really dedicated to what we do.

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  1. RSVP’ing to the next Sunday Funday after your honeymoon.
    Those fries tho!