Lounging at the Beach at Kostantis

One of the best things about island life is living outside. Napping on the balcony. Splashing in the pool. Sitting at a restaurant on the beach.

No, not a beachside restaurant…an actual restaurant ON the beach.

Like this one:

kostantis1 The small beach community of Ornos has a beautiful, idyllic stretch of beach that is lined with restaurants and sunbeds. You just pick a comfy couch under a canopy and order lunch, or – if you would rather – choose a sunbed and order a drink and perhaps a massage from the women walking around offering them. All PG here, before you get too excited.

Oh, also – if you come here from the Mykonos Grand, just follow that long, winding road. It’s going to seem like it is NEVER ENDING. But it will end, hopefully with you unscathed by roaring mopeds down the teeny, tiny road.

When you get to Kostantis, immediately sit down, order a glass of some SERIOUSLY strong house wine (it has to be 90 proof!), and order the simplest, freshest food you can.

For example:

kostantis2 Fried appetizer platter

This ain’t your local TGIFRiday’s appeteaser plate. This is the best part of local ingredients fused with the best part of guilty pleasure. There are crisply fried zucchini sticks that are so sweet and light that they are nothing like the thrice battered stuff dipped in marinara sauce. There are oily, slightly spicy green peppers and soft zucchini patties, mixed with feta cheese and studded with dill. And then, there is the cheese. Oh, the cheese. A soft, creamy, buttery cheese that is wrapped in phyllo dough and sesame seeds, fried, and drizzled with local honey. There is nothing better than this sweet and savory treat. Dip any of it in the simple, creamy tzatziki sauce. This would be a perfect light meal for 2. kostantis3 Grilled seafood platter for 2

There is no way that this was cooked before we ordered it – I don’t even think that this fish was caught before we ordered it. It was impeccably fresh. There was tender, almost sweet calamari. There were tiny white fish, filled with bones and the sweetest meat. There was meatier grilled fish, tender and tasty with the accompanying lemony butter sauce. There are tender, almost creamy mussels and more of that luscious Mediterranean shrimp.


And octopus that looks scary but tastes crispy, almost like super crispy French fries.

After the enormous meal is over and your head is swimming with the sun and wine, you can relax on the beach chairs or have the house car bring you back to your hotel. This meal was fairly priced with friendly, if relaxed (read: slow!) service, a huge menu, and scenery that can’t be beat.

And if you thought that this meal was great, wait till you see dinner!