Mykonos Grace – A Little Slice of Heaven

One of the coolest things about the Greek islands is that many hotels offer breakfast in the room rates. That means that you wake up, roll out of bed, take 800 photos of the most beautiful scenery that you have ever seen, and go right to breakfast in your bathing suit and cover up.

I will be doing a full report on all hotels, but first off, let’s start with just the food.

The Mykonos Grace, a small boutique hotel, offers a full breakfast to all of its guests. And I mean full. Look at this menu.


That’s right. Each guest gets everything on there. Or anything else that they desire. I wanted bacon, not ham. My husband wanted tomatoes, not spinach. Done and done.


The scenery isn’t the worst either. If the weather isn’t nice, you can sit inside the poolside restaurant, but if it is nice…it’s a little slice of heaven.

20140501_103848 Bread

Don’t miss the bread basket – I am partial to the round, sesame ring. It’s dense and chewy, and I spread it thickly with unsalted, tangy goat butter and some of the sweetest honey anyone will ever have.
20140501_104031 Yogurt parfait

Because to call it Greek yogurt is redundant and to call it custard isn’t exactly appropriate. But it’s as rich as custard, with a smooth texture and an almost indiscernible tangy taste that cuts the sweet honey. Sadly, the fruit and cornflakes are just irrelevant. It’s all about the decadent, vanilla-y custard. It’s so thick that you can stand your spoon upright in it. I could eat this every day and never crave anything else.

Except, maybe, for this:

20140501_105413 Egg white and spinach omelette with Naxos Gruyere, crispy bacon, and Greek bruschetta

Olive oil egg white omelette…incredible. The mild olive oil REALLY infuses the egg with rich, lush flavor and provides a nicely crisp bottom without too much browning – decidedly different from a French omelette, but delicious in its own right. The spinach is fresh and sauteed with just a pinch of salt and a few slivers of garlic – nothing over the top. The bacon is prepared crispy, the way that we Americans like it, and the gruyere, from neighboring Naxos island, is nutty and not too salty. It’s delicious.
20140501_105531 So is the bruschetta.

It’s twice baked bread (called rusk), topped with tomato pulp and some salty mizithra cheese. This is a small plate found all over the islands and it’s a well thought out one – the salt from the cheese makes the tomatoes taste even sweeter than they already are, and the tomato pulp softens the hard bread. It’s fresh, light, and ideal at any time of day.  20140501_110940 Crepes with caramelized apples

So sweet and light. The crepes are whisper thin and the apples are tender, sweet, and bursting with juice. The lacy, crispy edges of the crepe are particularly addictive. I only wish I could eat more of them, but I had already eaten a full breakfast by this time! 20140501_111912 And of course, a homemade spanikopita.

There is WAY more spinach than cheese here – the cheese is mrely as easoning accent. I have been doing it all wrong.

I have missed Greece all of these years. That’s REALLY what I have been doing all wrong. Luckily, those days are in the past – next up, poolside snacks!


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