Sponsored Post: My First Nutella – Spread The Smiles!

Some people remember the first time that they threw a baseball. Some remember their first kiss. I remember the first time that I ever tried Nutella.

I was at a private school after 12 years of public school. That meant that I had to get used to uniforms, 3 different electives a semester (And the choices were things like “critical decision making”), and a half hour commute.

Needless to say, I was in over my head.

The class that I was most nervous about was French class. Most kids who went to this school had been there since, it seemed, birth, and had been taking French since then. When the first day of French class, every kid could rattle off the entire alphabet and count to 100 in this new language, I felt like I had been thrown to the wolves. How would I ever catch up? What the hell was “the subjunctive?” I was, to put it in their terms “le screwed.”

But then, right after I failed a pop quiz (of course), our teacher decided to introduce us to a little bit of French culture. She passed out small slices of baguette and a jar of Nutella with a knife.

As we listened to French pop music, I waited for the jar to make the rounds and come back towards my desk. I dipped my clear plastic knife into the jar and swirled it around the thick, smooth, chocolatey spread, I lifted it to the baguette, carefully spreading a thin layer on the bread. There was no way that chocolate would taste good on bread, but whatever – it beat conjugating verbs for 30 minutes.

Then, I lifted the small tartine to my lips and took a bite. I instantly regretted spreading the Nutella so thinly. It was…unreal. Intensely chocolatey, but not bitter – sweet and creamy. The nutty note was a little salty and very earthy, but not too thick or gritty. It just tempered the chocolate and reminded me a little bit of peanut butter. The biggest revelation was how delicious it was on the chewy, floury baguette. It was the best snack I have ever had before or since.

Since then, I learned to keep up in French class, discovered how to personalize my uniform (cool colored shoelaces, anyone?) and I have eaten Nutella all over the world (including in France), but nothing has tasted as delicious as that Nutella on a baguette in 1997.
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Blogger disclosure:
This post was brought to you by Ferrero U.S.A, Inc., the makers of Nutella® hazelnut spread.  I received promotional consideration to write this post to support the Nutella 50th Anniversary … all opinions expressed are my own.