The Best Uni Pasta on Earth – Kousaros on Mykonos

Are you ready? I mean, really…are you ready? I am about to let you in on the best dish I had my entire honeymoon.

And it doesn’t involve Fritos OR foie.

Or, any good pictures. After drinking at breakfast and lunch…my camera skills were even shakier than usual. Sorry about that.

But first, let’s set the scene:

20140502_202519 Kousaros is a high end restaurant in Mykonos town – I couldn’t tell you how to get there if you paid me. Just keep wandering around the city looking for windmills, and if you walk in circles enough times to stop for a Greek coffee, get in a snippy fight with your loved one, and see the sun set, then you may FINALLY find Kousaros. It’s a large, airy restaurant with ample outdoor space and a modern, tented dining room that feels like some posh, Lisa Vanderpump approved spot. No one fashionable eats here before 10pm, so we were quite the early birds at 9.
20140502_202802 Taramasalata

A disappointing start to the meal. Very bland, without enough salty fish eggs, fragrant dill, or bright lemon. Totally meh.
20140502_203448 Before you order, your server brings out into the kitchen to see the daily caught fish and shellfish. The fish is sold by the kilogram, so be sure to ask for the price to avoid sticker shock. The food here is very pricey, and if you want to keep costs down, order several starters or opt for a fixed price dish from the menu. However, the fish all looks pristine and delicious – if I had enough time, money, and stomach space, I would eat there forever.
20140502_204719 Kousaros special

The vegetables in this country are just unreal. The olives are so juicy and pleasantly salty. The carrots are sweet and the radishes are peppery. The peppers are vinegary and hot – don’t eat a whole one without having a serious heat tolerance. The tomatoes are otherworldly – peeled this time, my favorite indulgence, and as sweet as ever. And the capers…oh, those capers! Santorini capers are world famous for being soft and juicy, with plenty of salt but no bitter taste. The tender leaves are tossed in a sweet, bright olive oil dressing that make all the fresh vegetables taste like themselves, not like some washed out, salad-y version of themselves.
20140502_205233 Crab salad

Even better than the crab at the hotel earlier that week. SO fresh and clean tasting, with a slight oceanic taste that is refreshing, not at all muddy. It’s like a breath of sea air with the crunch of spicy pink peppercorns and a tangle of arugula on top.  I would recommend this in a heartbeat. In fact, I would actually eat it all if you ordered it with me. It’s worth losing a friendship to finish this.
20140502_205833 Baked feta with spicy peppers and tomatoes

Blah. The only misstep of the night. Boring and mundane – not enough spice from the peppers nor enough sweetness from the tomatoes. Not bad, just not incredible, like he restof the meal. Boring.  20140502_211123 Spaghetti with uni

She ain’t much to look at and not just because I forgot to take a photo until half an hour after we had already dug in. She is just so simple. Dried pasta, uni, olive oil. The best sea urchin dish I have ever had in my life. The best pasta I have ever had in my life. The uni is soft and melts into the oil in a lush, fatty, positively romantic puddle of buttery oil. It’s so mild and savory, without too much salt or any mixed up, ruddy flavor. It’s so rich and so indulgent. I couldn’t possibly love this pasta more. I ended up scooping up the extra uni and spreading it on bread, letting the warm roe sink into the chewy baguette. I ran my finger along the perimeter of te bowl, licking the buttery sauce from my fingers. I slurped up the al dente pasta, unremarkable in its own right but pure gold in that slick, thick sauce. This is extraordinary. Since having it, I have craved it every day.

20140502_213238 Loukoumades

These doughnuts, fried and dipped in honey, are by far my favorite Greek sweet. Baklava, be gone! It’s all about these fluffy, yeasty balls that are rolled in honey and sprinkled with crushed walnuts and cinnamon. The best parts of doughnuts and coffee cake, served warm with a side of melting vanilla ice cream. They come cheaper other places, but not more delicious.

20140502_214058 Don’t say that they never gave you anything – the ouzo is free, sweet, and will absolutely put hair on your chest.  Not my cup of tea, but when in Greece, right?

When in Mykonos, you truly must dine here. Kousaros is the finest meal that I had on the island of Mykonos. It was expensive but not unduly so. The seafood was fresh as could be, the menu is huge and varied, and the service is excellent, to say nothing of the large and lovely cocktail list. That uni pasta is something that I will dream of for the rest of my life. I couldn’t have been sadder to leave Mykonos, but…of course…we had to go onwards to heaven on earth.

I.E. Santorini.


  1. Yes!! Pasta with uni!! Only the best combination on Earth! I’m so glad you enjoyed it..

  2. Foooood, we love our food in Greece.

  3. OMG that uni pasta was heaven in my mouth! Great recommendation