The Mykonos…Grand?

Oh, and now is where we are going to sound ridiculous.

Because this hotel that I am about to show you is beautiful. White and blue and sparkling clean. A Mediterranean paradise.

And yet, it was my least favorite of the trip.

I mean…#firstworldproblems, anyone?

20140501_141825 I mean, with a view like this, it’s no wonder that the Mykonos Grand is heralded as the chicest, most luxurious resort on the island. It’s just a stone’s throw from the quaint beach town of Ornos, and it’s just 10 minutes from Mykonos town by taxi or the resort’s free shuttle, operated every 20 minutes from the early to the late evening. It’s a huge, sprawling resort that is built on 3 levels – prepare to take several elevators to get from your room to the pool or from the beach to the front lobby. The weather is always gorgeous and the most important thing about Mykonos is to relax, so it’s a total pleasure.  20140501_144836 Each room is treated to a bottle of sparkling wine from Italy. It’s similar to Lambrusco – garnet colored with a creamy, almost thick texture and a very fruity flavor. It’s the kind of drink that starts your night off well and ends with a couple of aspirin before bed.


The shower here turns into a steam cabin, too…why don’t we have more of these in the USA?! What a treat!


Oh, and don’t forget to eat the baklava on the counter. It might look like prepackaged stuff from the corner store, and maybe it is, but…whoa. Sticky, sweet, flaky, buttery, nutty…can you tell that I like this stuff? The mastic liquor next to it is a little syrupy and pine-y for my tastes, but not bad if you need a little zip before dinner…where of course you will drink even more.


Please forgive the messy state of the room…I never got a picture of it before it was messed up! As you can see, it is breezy and light, with everything from a telescope to view the stars to several flat screen televisions (one in the adjoining front living room), and…


A double balcony with insane views.

Don’t stay up there, all day, though!


You don’t want to miss the glorious pool. Its unheated, as many large pools in Greece are, but if it’s too chili, you can always jump into the hot tub or just sit on the large lounges or cabanas and enjoy the view.


Be sure to check out the gorgeous bar, too.


Or head down to the (teeny, tiny) private beach. However, there are better beaches all over Mykonos and if you want to be a beach bum, it might be better to take a short trek to one of them.

And now we come to the…iffy parts of the hotel. The parts of the hotel that are totally fine, but for the price that you pay…aren’t totally fine. If ya get my drift.

20140501_145005 The Jacuzzi built for 2…Olsen twins? I mean, who could fit into this thing? It barely fit me comfortably, and though I’m tall, I’m not a giant or anything. It also doesn’t look over the ocean, as the website shows. Not false advertising, but not entirely clear, either. 
20140502_095632 The breakfast buffet is large, but not the best quality. The dried fruits are exceptional and so is the halvah, but the general feeling is quantity over quality.  20140502_101151 Also, you have to kind of request the champagne…it isn’t offered to you and even though it’s advertised as a “champagne breakfast,” it really isn’t pushed on you like it is at the Mykonos Grace. And this is one time that you want the servers to be pushy! 20140502_101624 Though it doesn’t show it, the restaurant also gets insanely crowded.

The real reason that this hotel gets a few points off is service. It’s kind and they do anything that you ask, but…you have to ask. I know, this is really picky, but the hotel is extremely expensive. It was more expensive than our room at other hotels where there were pools, like…in the room. Where we were met by people who hand carried our luggage and made us grilled cheese sandwiches at midnight. Here, we had to ask for things at least once, sometimes more, and once, someone came into our room while we had the do not disturbing on because he wanted to replace the room service menu without having to return when it would be inconvenient for him. Not the greatest customer service. Pair that with the diminutive Jacuzzi, subpar breakfast buffet, and rather dinky beach, and you have a hotel that is good, but not grand.

If you want a full service resort, this might be the choice for you. If you care less about a magnificent public pool and want service that is way above par, head to the Mykonos Grace. Or the exceptional hotel that we stayed at in Santorini.