Dates, Booze, and Haggis Crisps!

Here are some tasty treats I have enjoyed at home recently – be aware, a couple of them are from the honeymoon and so will have to be ordered online if you want to try them.

20140508_154105 Bateel

This shop on posh New Bond street in London is a treasure trove for foodies from the USA. It specializes in all things date – at least 5 varieties that I have never even heard of, and they all come from Saudi Arabia. What’s the last time that you had a date from Saudi Arabia? They range from taut and juicy to sticky and sweet, with the thinnest skins I have ever tasted. These dates are unlike any I have had in the USA, and you can get them enrobed in chocolate, laid in marzipan, or baked into cookies. Whatever dates you desire, Bateel can deliver. This is always my first stop in London and I never escape without spending waaay too much money.
20140630_190300 BuzzBar

These alcoholic ice cream bars premiered at the Fancy Food show and they have the alcohol equivalent of half a mixed drink. They are also DELICUIOUS…just like your favorite Haagen Dazs bar infused with a slight kick of your favorite alcohol. I loved the vanilla and cognac bar, with its creamy interior and thick, crispy chocolate coating. Check out the site for more flavors and lets all pray together that this comes to stores soon – because happy hour with ice cream is so much happier. 

haggis & cracked black pepper

Haggis potato chips (photo from website)

Oh. Em. Gee. I love Haggis, the offal and oatmeal mixture boiled in a sheep’s stomach. It tastes like scrapple mixed with stuffed derma, and I could eat it every night for dinner. But, if you are squeamish about things like lungs (weirdo…), get your fix with these awesome chips from Scotland! They are thick cut and very peppery – much more so than American chips, which always seem to go light on the pepper. The haggis flavor comes through in meaty, savory flavors – it’s a potato chip with the aftertaste of steak. But in a good way, not the weird way that it sounds. These are SO fantastic dipped in sour cream or eaten next to a burger.

Or, you know, straight out of the bag

Happy eating weekend!