In and Around NYC This Weekend

After a week in the Berkshires here at Fritos and Foie, let’s wrap it up with a few awesome things to eat and do around NYC this weekend:

New York Bagel


This vacation rental site, popular in Europe, has created an NYC-centric food guide. I am featured with some of my fave restaurants and shopping tips, but more importantly, there are some other awesome foodies and bloggers featured – they have pointers that I have already taken to heart! The site is super user-friendly – there is an interactive map, a recipe section, and information separated into restaurants and local markets. Definitely check it out when you are deciding where to dine this weekend.


North Festival by Honest Cooking

This festival is like a mini NYCWFF with classes, dinners, and other tasting events, all focused around Scandinavia. Though most of the events are over, you can still check out some cool events today and tonight. There’s a Danish dinner with wine pairings tonight and a special menu at Oceana with dishes like Norwegian fjord trout and grilled whole sterling halibut. If you are a seafood fiend like I am, one of these events might be up your alley!

Real Life Central Perk

I’m not a major Friends fiend, but even so, this is pretty cool. It is apparently a mini museum of the famous coffee joint where every girl who had a Rachel haircut yearned to lounge and drink lattes. There is a continuous loop of Friends episodes playing on the TV, original props like the big orange couch and gold espresso machine, and even free coffee on offer. This is mostly a gift shop with a small side of beverages, but I know that my sister will be parked there all weekend, so maybe that’s your thing,too.

And if you leave NYC…


Do not get a Whopper on your road trip. They just aren’t as good as you remember.