New AA Business Class Dining Experience, Post Merger

I recently got to fly cross country on American Airlines. Usually, this wouldn’t be exciting new in and of itself, except that AA recently merged with US Airways. And the meal service subsequently changed, too. Which has quite a few AA  frequent fliers up in arms. Gone are the multiple course meals, gone are meals altogether on many medium haul flights. Many people think that this brings down the quality of American Airlines premium classes.

What did I think?

In a word…LOVED. I don’t know why, but this merger produced me with the finest meal that I have had on a domestic airline in years.

First off, let’s talk about the prosecco offered – it’s excellent. Bright but not acidic, tight bubbles, vaguely fruity aftertaste…it’s the ideal aperitif. To say nothing of the Tito’s Vodka on offer – a superior vodka that I serve at home all the time. Big, big fan of the liquor on hand.

20140926_202237 Warm mixed nuts

Satisfactory as always – served in a different shaped dish, but the same old same old.
20140926_205412 Main meal (yes, all on one dish)

From the top left, going counterclockwise:

Asian shrimp and cucumber salad – surprisingly tasty! Thinly sliced cucumbers and onions in a tart and sweet rice wine vinegar dressing. It’s paired with some mild, snappy shrimp that is tastier than many shrimp I have had on international airlines.

Salad – the only downer of the meal. Fresh but utterly tasteless…where do you get corn that tastes like cardboard, anyway?

Filet of beef with mushroom sauce, sweet potatoes, and green beans – great! I mean the meat was really good! Not overly flavorful, but filet isn’t the most flavorful but of beef in any environment. What is impressive is that it was cooked medium rare and was quite tender. The sauce is overly salty but it’s not served on the steak, so it’s easy to avoid. The accompanying veggies are fine if not memorable.

Cheese roll  – um, it’s a warm cheese roll…is there anything wrong with that?

20140926_212305 Ice cream sundae

Same as always, delish as always.

I thoroughly enjoyed the new AA dining experience. I loved that it was all served at once so I could chow down – I was starving and couldn’t have waited a moment longer than necessary for that bread. I had a great flight attendant and I loved the wine service as well. I’m no high end flier but so far, the merger hasn’t affected me for the worse.

Pass the prosecco and call me happy.