Blue Smoke – My Favorite BBQ in NYC

I’m not a big one for BBQ. I would almost always rather have the Korean version or some steak. But, when the group wants some ribs and beers, I can hunker down with the best of them. This particular group voted to try Danny Meyer’s Blue Smoke.

20141109_182410 This restaurant is huge and casual – big bar playing sports on the televisions, massive tables, and Texan sized booths. This is perfect for a rowdy crowd of friends, a family with young kids, or some folks who want some wings and beer while they watch the game.

20141109_184455 BBQ potato chips with blue cheese bacon dip

Sleeper hit of my LIFE! This is almost perfect – greaseless, crispy chips that are HUGE, smoky, and a little sweet. Then they are dipped in some of the greatest blue cheese dressing that I have ever enjoyed. I mean, really…excellent dressing. Super tick and tangy with hunks of salty, funky cheese, sharp chives, and crispy bacon crumbles. The only way that this could be better is if the chips were warm, which the menu stated that they should be. These are a MUST GET.
20141109_191320 Grits

Soupier than I normally have, but delicious. A little sweet, super buttery,and the perfect vehicle for the vineagary house made hot sauce.  20141109_191325 Sampler platter

A must get if , like me, you are new to this ‘cue.

Backyard chicken – surprisingly delicious! The chicken is charred and smoky, with a hefty dose of salt and pepper. Teh meat inside is juicy and prime for the tangy housemade bbq sauce.

Sausage – I wasn’t even fast enough to snag this.

Pulled pork – excellent. Tender but not cottony with an equal balance of meat, spicy, tangy, and savory flavors. Didn’t need any other accompaniment.

Ribs – the best. I would get these baby backs again any day of the week. Sublime – almost as good as Chinese ribs. A thickly burnished, lacquered surface with fatty, soft, meaty flesh. The favorite of the platter, especially when enjoyed with the sweet and salty pickles.

20141109_200213 Chocolate layer cake

Nothing that great – a little dry, a little flat in the flavor department. The banana cream pie fares much better, but best of all is the espresso, served with a side of amaretto.

This place is great! It’ ain’t REAL down home ‘cue, but it beats the heck out of Dinosaur and it certainly scratches the itch for some great ribs and grits.


  1. My first time at Blue Smoke was 2 yrs ago during restaurant week in tribeca. It was AMAZING. The service was fab too.
    The following year we went back for RW but went to Chelsea location. It was the complete opposite experience. The saving grace was the dessert sampler! gimme!!! LOL.

  2. The one thing about living in NYC is there isn’t too many BBQ options. Let me take that back. There aren’t too many quality Que spots. My brother has lived in Texas for 25 years so I’m used to good que and NYC is definitely lacking but some decent ones have emerged.
    Blue Smoke is pretty good. It used to be my go to spot until I tried Morgans in BK. The brisket there is beyond good. You have an option of lean or fatty(i always suggest the fatty). The Ribs are GOOD! The chicken has good flavor but I’m not much of a chicken person. I’ll chose meat every time.
    I just discovered a new spot in Red Hook called Hometown BBQ. It’s right across the street from Fairway. Holy sh&t is this place good!
    The ribs are ok but the show stopper is the Beef Rib(OMG) words can’t explain the flavor. It was so moist. Also the thing was HUGE!! So worth the price. Another phenomenal dish was the Lamb Belly….so moist and juicy. Seriously go there and get these dishes! You will not be sorry! And the sides are even good.