5 Foodie Things That Have Happened to Me Since #Blizzardof2015 Was Announced

20150126_084718 1. I saw one grown man, well dressed and supposedly well bred, shout at another one. “SERIOUSLY, F*&^% you,” for taking the last organic chicken at the Chelsea Whole Foods. At 9 am. In front of other people.


2. The shelves of the stores looked like this by 10 am.


3. I took this home on the subway. THE SUBWAY. Luckily, I found a seat because everyone smart did their shopping yesterday.


4. I stocked up on important things like Panetta, imported chocolate with sea salt, and 2 kinds of cookie dough mix. I forgot to get toilet paper, batteries, or flashlights. I’m absolutely not going back out again. Crossing fingers.


5. I ate this for an early lunch. A little bland, but the texture is good and the sea salt on top is shockingly crunchy and effective in enhancing the caramel’s sugar.

Stay warm out there! And, oh, west coast…I have never hated you more.


  1. West Coast says:

    Hey, you left US…

    Seriously, though, stay safe.

    • @justin – like, 7 inches of snow…at least I am well supplied with supplies for white russians!

  2. Apparently chicken is REAL IMPORTANT BIZNESS. Stay warm!!!!