A Little Weekend Jaunt to…

Dubai! Yes, it’s true – I’m accompanying my dad on a mile-burning run to Dubai. That means that in 72 hours, I will be flying from NYC-London-Qatar-Dubai-Abu Dhabi-NYC.

I’m only leaving the airport twice, for a total of about 30 hours on the ground.

We are taking one flight that is 14 hours…straight.

We are going straight from flight to flight in most cases.

This is…insane.

He loves it.

I’m scared.

Now is the time to follow me on instagram. I will be photographing every crazy step of this short and crazy journey.

I promise to check in Monday – at which point I will already be on my way home from Dubai.

Pray for my jet lag!


  1. Ttrockwood says:

    What the what?!?
    I hope you have good books to read and find some fun international airport snacks!