#Blizzardof2015 – No Snow, Lotsa Food

Apparently, I’m not a muggle. 

The “ixnaystormiarmus” spell that I cast rendered Juno all but powerless in NYC. The streets were clear all day yesterday. 

But, don’t worry – adult snow day still proceeded as scheduled. 

No vegetables were consumed in the making of this day. 

20150126_191331 Patty melts

Medium rare burgers topped with melted cheddar cheese and sauteed onions. Served on toasted rye bread with mayonnaise and mustard. So simple and so good. Just be sure to get a fattier blend (80/20 should work) than I did for ultimate tender, juicy burger heaven.  20150127_102354 Makeshift French toast

My husband’s specialty. He makes last minute French toast without drying out the bread or using any cinnamon (because we are always out of it). He makes a simple batter with eggs, milk, and honey. Then, after letting the challah (gotta be challah) soak for a few minutes, he fries it gently in a pan. The magic touch comes when he sprinkles sugar on each side of bread JUST before he puts it into the pan and then does the other side just before he flips it. This gives the toast a crunchy, bruleed top that is dynamite with sweet-tart boysenberry syrup. 

20150127_194526 Macaroni and cheese from Fred’s

Good! Not mind blowing, but we were so excited that we could get delivery that we totally eschewed the $100 worth of groceries that I stuffed into our fridge “just in case.” 20150127_202601 Cookie dough

I’m an adult. I pay taxes. And if I want to, I’ll eat cookie dough. No salmonella (yet). 

Come back tomorrow for your regularly scheduled programming.


  1. Honey in the french toast batter. I am intrigued. I might try that with special honeys. And the brulee/sugar on each side is brills. xo glad you guys are safe… those calories don’t count 😉