Chocolate Cookies and Avocado Toast

Some  foods to enjoy this weekend or next week:

20150119_130128 Belgian Boys mini choco stroopwafel

OMG AMAZING ! I know that I say that about a lot of foods, but this one really is amazingly tasty. Stroopwafels are a Dutch specialty – circular, crispy waffel cookies filled with sticky caramel. They are crunchy but also have a little five, thanks to being softened by the caramel. They are sweet, but not overly so, and come from tiny to almost record-sized. These are even better than the best ones I had in Amsterdam. They are covered in this thick, creamy milk chocolate that breaks cleanly to reveal a gingerbready cookie and stretchy, sweet caramel. If you like chocolate, caramel, or cookies, you will love this. Twix, get your sad self out of my sight.  20150121_123257 Avocado toast at Joseph Leonard

I just love the food here. It’s hip and overpriced but it’s also great atmosphere and just really wholesome and god. I felt stupid ordering avocado toast – like I can’t mash my own avocado at home?! – but this is so tasty. For some reason, I always have stringy avocado on mine and my toast is either too thin or too crispy, and I over season it…This was perfect. Smooth, buttery avocado barely sprinkled with chili flakes so there is some mild heat but not so much that it sears. The bread is thick and warm but not too crispy. It’s served with perfectly fried eggs and a tangle of bright,vinegary watercress. It’s wholesome, delicious, and served till 3 pm. What more could you want?