Classic Patty Melts

I wasn’t going to post this recipe, because I figured that everyone knew how to make it, but then my girlfriend asked me “what’s a patty melt?” Sacre bleu! This is perhaps my all time favorite burger iteration, and everyone should know how to make it at home. In case of a snowstorm.

Or a faux-storm.

Be sure to get that 80/20 fat ratio going on and don’t let your burgers overcook (I kind of did and I couldn’t be more annoyed about it).

Patty Melts

1 lb. ground beef

1 onions and 1 cup mushrooms, sliced

butter and oil, in which to sautee

Worcestershire sauce

steak sauce



rye bread


1. Sautee the onions and mushrooms in a little butter nd oil. Sautee them slowly ,over medium low heat. This is going to take about 30 minutes and it’s worth it – you don’t want fried onions. You want sweet, caramelized onions. The mushrooms just get better and juicier as you go – don’t forget the salt and pepper!


2. Season the meat with the Worcestershire sauce and steak sauce. I use a sauce that has a good kick of horseradish, because I don’t like a ton of condiments actually on the burger itself.


3. Remove the onions and add 4 VERY GENTLY formed patties. Then, I cover the pan with a lid and walk away for maybe 5 minutes for a rare burger, 7 minutes for a medium rare one. I steam them because I love a patty that is jut too loose to flip and the juicy, steamed texture.


4. Add the cheese to the top of the burger when it’s about a minute away from being done and watch it melt. Awww yeah.


5. Assemble on the bread with mayo, mustard, and relish if you have it (we didn’t).


6. Eat with potato chips.

The patty melt is so perfect that it doesn’t need condiments or a fancy side dish. It’s all about the crunchy bread, the juicy meat, the tangy cheese, and the sweet onions. I added mushrooms but they aren’t necessary. The Worcestershire sauce certainly is necessary, and I love the kick of steak sauce mixed into the patty. Since I steam this burger, the patty is soft and juicy. The crunch comes through in the rye toast – it has to be rye! And no ketchup! And don’t skimp on the mayo! I know, I know – lots of rules with this burger.

In this case, rules weren’t meant to be broken – they were meant to be devoured.


  1. Only one of the best burgers ever! I do this the same, except I grill the sandwich after it’s all assembled. Grilled cheese style. Extra crunchy happiness.