Coffee Talk with Linda Richman

Pull out your dad’s favorite “Far Side” mug, get out those sweatpants, and settle down.

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It’s time for cawfee tawk.

20150103_100517 Palmier from Epicerie Boulud

This elegant, chi-chi, bring-your-black-card eatery on both the UWS and in The Plaza food hall is everything that I hate about NYC. It has $17 tuna sandwiches, slow servers (I mean, like moving through molasses slow), and I always feel inferior to the Russian oligarch purchasing $50/glass champagne to my left. But I’ll be damned if every single item there isn’t delicious. The palmier is a glowing example. Buttery, sugary, and flaky almost to a fault. It’s the perfect breakfast pastry or cawfee talk accompaniment. When dunked in a frothy cappuccino, it fairly melts into creamy, sweet pastry. It’s just tasty, plain and simple.  20150103_164140 Rice Krispie treat at Irving Farm

The coffee here has an almost cultish following, but I’m all about that treat. It’s gargantuan, fresh, and tastes even better than mom’s. I am inclined to think that this is due to an inordinate amount of butter in the mix – how else do they stay so soft? The marshmallow has melted into a smooth, glossy cream that is tacky but not sticky and sweet but not diabetes-inducing. This is large enough to share with a friend and the space is cozy, perfect for an afternoon of gossip.  20150104_121054 Anything at Culture Espresso

I am no coffee geek, but that’s why I love the coffee drinks here – they make the greatest frou-frou drinks. The lilliputian shop is always friendly, always crowded, and has some SERIOUSLY great caffeine. My favorite is the flat white, which is so smooth and rich that you might think that it’s just warm, frothy milk instead of an updated cappuccino. The maple cappuccino is sweet and rich, with more than just a hint of maple. And even the espresso is brewed so carefully that it is closer to the taste of dark chocolate than the crap that you normally get from Starbucks.


  1. Ttrockwood says:

    I am a fairly intense coffee lover myself….
    On the next block from culture espresso is cafe grumpy- which i think has even better espresso and even serves almond milk. And they don’t allow laptops. Kinda brilliant. I love the almond milk cortado, cafe au lait and flat white. They have a vegan chocolate chip cookie that is amazing!