Parm UWS: We’ve Been Waiting for You

Parm  recently opened on the UWS, and let me tell you…we were READY for it! An affordable, delicious restaurant that has a great cocktail menu and is equally appropriate for rowdy birthday dessert and calmer family brunch?! Sign me UP!

20150103_182044 Oh, and sign everyone else up, too. Don’t even THINK about coming here on a Saturday night without a reservation. Like…don’t do it. Don’t worry, even with the massive crowd, the hostess is excellent and will seat you within a minute or two of your reservation time.

20150103_185615 Osso Nice

My unexpected favorite of the round of cocktails that we ordered. This concoction, with rye, grapefruit, and Calabrian honey is a fabulous aperitif. In fact, it tastes like something you would  drink if you had a little cold and wanted to feel better. It’s fruity, bright, a little spicy, and has a gentle, pleasantly sweet  backnote of honey. I don’t love the taste of honey, but here it worked quite well. I recommend it heartily.  20150103_190107 Garlic bread and warm mozzarella

Destination worthy. yep, I totally mean it. At LEAST as tasty as Carbone and without the high prices or difficult reservation. The garlic bread is crunchy (but not so it cuts the roof of your mouth like lesser versions), salty, and loaded with chopped garlic and fresh parsley. The mozz is even better. Warm, milky, soft, fruity with olive oil. It’s creamy and crunchy, pungent and mild. It’s just delicious. Skip the garlic bread deluxe, just go for the mozz – it comes with the bread.  20150103_190400 Spicy broccoli

My fave of all of the veggies we ordered, though the Brussels sprouts were also excellent. The stalks could be slightly more charred, but it comes to the table chilled, tossed in a tangy yogurt vinaigrette, and interspersed with absolutely fiery slices of pickled chilis. It’s quite spicy, vegetal, and quite frankly, necessary with all of the heavy food.

20150103_191529 (1) Chicken Parmesan platter

I mean, it’s just very, very good. Not the most amazing I have ever had (don’t worry, Park Side, you still hold the key to my heart), but very, very good. A big portion (Easily enough to share) of tender chicken with crispy breading, a bright tomato sauce, and a blanket of that really awesome stretchy mozzarella cheese. The baked ziti alongside, topped with a cloud of ricotta, is just a crispy, chewy, and creamy as you could want. This is very, very tasty, and recommended. 
20150103_191540 Chicken Francese platter with Sunday salad

The standout entree. This chicken is the REAL DEAL. It’s as tender as veal,with the soft, “velvet” quality of Chinese proteins. It’s batter is extremely thin and not at all carbo-loaded or greasy. It’s served in a tangy lemony sauce with tons of fresh herbs and just enough butter to enrich the sauce. It’s served with a throwback iceberg salad dressed in Italian dressing that is a far cry from the bottled schlock in my mom’s fridge. It’s a must get.  20150103_194342 Ice cream cake

Just get it. Especially if it’s the Almond Joy version (And even if they run out of the candy bar to top your cake, it’s still delicious). The ice cream is rich and creamy, the topping is whipped cream, and the cookie crumbles are…well, they are cookie crumbles! I love fancy main dishes and trashy desserts, so this is RIGHT up my aisle.

Parm is going to do really well up here. I wouldn’t call it destination worthy fare (except for the garlic bread), but the price point and service are excellent and the food is really quite good. I would totally come here for a loud drink at the bar and an order of mozzarella cheese.

Welcome to the neighborhood.